Muffin Morning

My day began at 4am, the only quiet time I get for scripture study and prayer, and then the day got started with oats, coconut, bananas, and cranberries:

I added some egg and applesauce, and threw in some chia and flax seeds as well.  I popped the muffins in the oven just in time for this little one to wake.  She is such a toddler now that after we cuddle, and then I change her, she walks off to play for awhile, and then brings me an empty cup when she is ready to eat.

Her little bottom was raw from the trip, which it always does even just going to Tulsa.  Her skin is not a fan of diapers.  We have prescription medicine for her, and she was finally looking better this morning.

Barrett is always the next awake, quickly followed by Kirk and then Alex only when I tell him it’s turn for the shower.  The boys do great in the mornings, getting up easily and showering on their own these days (finally, whew!).  Barrett gets himself dressed (mostly), and comes out just in time to help set the table for breakfast.

The boys would not take a selfie with me this morning because I was wearing cupcake pajamas.

That’s not cool when your boys are almost second graders.  

It’s also not cool for your baby sister to slime you with muffins.

Anber slept late this morning because she doesn’t really sleep until we go to bed, and we got home late from taking Mary back to school. She was in bed pretending, but her eyes closed means she is faking since she actually sleeps with her eyes open.  Silly girl, but I am glad she slept in and woke feeling better. She was glad she was ready in time for muffins!

The mess behind her is another entire van load of books we have sorted through, as we continue editing our combined lives.

We also got three loads of laundry done before the kids were off to school, and our kitchen cleaned, and our bags unpacked from the trip.

And that was our morning before we even got to the work day, but at least our home is reclaimed after such a trip!

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