This is our baby Kyrie:


If you zoom in on this picture, you can see the bumps from where her tongue and lip used to be sewn together for most of this first year.


She will have more surgeries for that later because it will be one of many problems for her speech, but it’s at the very bottom of the list of surgeries after airways and aspiration and airway airway airway.

They also told us by X-ray and scans that Kyrie would not have teeth because she had so almost no jaw when she was born, and missing so many other bones that they couldn’t even find tooth buds.  Jaw distraction and those metal bars being shoved through her face and jaw can also break or destroy tooth buds.  It just looked like there was nothing.

But now we can see this!  Teeth, for realz, about ready to pop through at any moment! Two teeth in front on the top!


You think that’s exciting in baby world?  Check this out! One for realz legit tooth already popped on the bottom!  Just last night! We can feel it, and you can just barely see it!


This girl is full of miracle pants, that’s all I have to say.

Also, this explains a lot about her recent problems besides pneumonia, and shows how fragile she is, that she desats and almost codes just trying to pop out a few teeth.

We still don’t know if she will have all her teeth, though we know she won’t have room for them all, but today we celebrate! 

Soggy crackers for everyone!

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