Sweet or Savory

We don’t eat gluten or sugar as best we can, but that doesn’t mean we need fake foods trying to substitute for the deliciousness of wheat and sugar.

You can’t.  Wheat and sugar bake the cake, or something like that.

But there are other foods, that are just other foods, healthier or treats in their own right.

Like this bread, that isn’t, but we use as pancakes or bread or crackers or just a yummy bite of air because that’s how light they are.

Separate three eggs.  

Add some cream cheese, not more than three tablespoons, to the bowl with the yolks, and mix.  

Add a teaspoonish of baking powder to the whites bowl, and mix until it can hold its peaks. 

Then fold the yolks into the peaks, ever so carefully:

Then drop it onto a baking sheet, using parchment paper if you have some:


Bake at 350 for fifteen minutes, then broil for one or two to brown. They will burn fast when broiling, so be careful. Trust me.
If you want to make sweet ones, throw in some honey with the yolks.  If you want savory, spring garlic and rosemary before baking.

I like them with smoked salmon, or sweet ones can be an easy road trip breakfast from baggies without being messy, or they can be plain as a side to soup, or a snack on their own.  For savory, use vegetable spread with some peppers; for sweet, spread a little cream cheese with sugar free fruit preserves:


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