Sabbath Dreams

Because we are all sick, and the baby is in isolation, we stayed home today while Nathan went to church for Sacrament and to do his calling.

We did take our showers, though, so everyone was clean, and dressed up for remembering the Sabbath even though we couldn’t be at church.

See those happy smiles?

Poor babies are so sick.  They are all feeling better now tonight, though, now that antibiotics have kicked in and tylenol dished out!

We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, a gift of a frozen meal friends gave us, which was perfect for this day when none of us felt very well but needed a cozy treat.  We were so grateful!

Then we had our own primary.  Mary said our opening prayer, and then they each picked a song to sing.  Anber went first, choosing “I am a child of God,” and then Barrett chose the temple song.  Mary went next, choosing the “I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” song, and then Alex picked the “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam” song so they could jump.  Kirk delighted us with his choice of “Angels We Have Heard on High”.   Then we watched Legacy, a church movie about the saints moving west and all they endured through such persecution.  I found it on YouTube if you haven’t seen it yet, though I don’t know if that’s a fair copy or shared or not or how that works:

When it was over, Barrett said our closing prayer, and was very sweet about it.

Then we heard laughing.

Serious, heart-felt, hilarious little baby giggles.

Figuring the baby was clearly done with her nap, I went in to get her and found this!

She was so proud of herself!  She was standing, and I couldn’t believe it!  She’s a crazy wild girl, this one!

She still is on oxygen, for those who are asking, but she has a mask because right now her nose is so stuffed up oxygen can’t get in that way, so I put the mask by her face or give her a break for little bits if she can.

You can also see the change her tongue, if you look closely.  We have been working speech path on getting her to push her tongue as forward as she can to play with it, so that when they release it maybe she can move it without it all blocking her airway.  She is doing great, so we hope that will help a lot!

Grandpa J stopped by after that, and the kids were delighted despite the sick faces in the picture.  He sat with us for awhile, asking how each of them were doing and talked to them as a group and individually.  It was very kind and sweet of him, and we are grateful.  I laughed and cried as he told stories about my mother to the kids, and I was glad to hear her talked about and memories shared.  I needed that, a lot.  It was like coming up for air a little bit.

The grandparents came over after that, bringing me a giant bag of broccoli, for which I was grateful, and which we ate in its entirety for dinner.  The kids were so excited to read scriptures with them, show off how much they have learned, and even Anber and Barrett read the words they know!  That’s new for them, though they both were a little shy, but they are really doing it!  We are so proud!

I am grateful also for Nathan and his father, who gave all of us blessings in preparation for our trip and the bug we are all fighting.

It’s a special thing, having access to the priesthood, and we needed those blessings tonight.

I felt loved, and rested, and at peace, and whole again, restored as we should be by a Sabbath day.

There is both relief and comfort in this, and I am grateful.

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