Workbooks Ready

The curriculum we use has about eight subjects for this age group: English, math, science, social studies, etymology, animal science, literature, and handwriting, with character trait lessons built into the whole program.  

Each subject has its own little booklet, and each booklet has a test.  When they can pass the booklet with an 80%, then they get the next booklet.  If not, they have to redo the whole booklet.  

They do 2-4 pages a day in each little booklet, or no pages if it is a test day.  They have to do 12 pages total a day to stay on grade level, and our kids so far are doing about 18-20 pages a day because they still think it’s fun.  

They pace themselves within that window, so the first graders are all on different pages.  They like that, I think, all doing their own thing.  The topics overall run together, so there are common themes they are all working on, even the preschoolers.

They have star charts, and get a star when they finish a booklet and pass the test.  If they get an 80%, they get a colored star.  A 90% gets them a silver star, and a 100% gets them a gold star.  The extra big stars you can see in the picture were extra kudos they got for continuing their work with Daddy – Papa! We are all still trying to remember to say Papa – for the booklets they passed while I was in Cincinnati.

I have learned that getting their booklets ready before bed make morning chaos easier, because they already know what to do and can get started when they want no matter what my schedule is like or regardless of what’s going on with the baby.


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