Checkup Day

Today the baby spent most of the day at the hospital, for what started out as a very late six-now-seven month old checkup.

That’s when she realized she was old enough now to tear up all the paper on the table.

She is still only twelve pounds even, so has officially dropped off the growth chart after we worked so hard to get her in the one percentile at least.


Also, her oxygen was 78.

Also, she got nine shots.

Also, she had to get X-rays of her head and mandible and chest to be sure she is clear from aspiration and to check her airway in preparation for her very soon surgery, even though we still don’t know yet if that’s a trach or a distraction or both, but now she only has the sleep study left and they are ready to do something.

In the meantime, she is ready to drool, with her first tooth coming in under that tongue sewn to her lip.


Her appointments took so long, and had so many extra unexpected interventions, plus one code and two desats, that it too me and Nathan trading off several times just to get through the day.

In the end, they let us go home for now, so that means so far we are still on for the adoption sealing for Kirk and Barrett.

We are exhausted, but mostly alive.

And relieved to have the temple in sight. 

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