#DIY Family Halloween Costumes

We have been working on our family costumes for two months!  We had such fun!

There were feathers to paint:

IMG_7937 - Copy IMG_7938 - Copy IMG_7939 - Copy IMG_7940 - Copy IMG_7941 - Copy IMG_7942 - CopyAnd leather to sew and buckles to make:

IMG_7949 - CopyFake rust to rub on, imaginary gold to create, and hats to sew:

IMG_7950 - CopyWe needed to make a computer gadget for Kirk’s arm brace, using old Boy Scout pieces from Nathan’s project and leftover upholstery and ribbon from other projects, all glued onto a small box we took out of our recycling pile, and a star pin that Kirk picked out himself at Goodwill:

IMG_7954 - CopyThis was a school box Nathan covered in leather, and then made dots with a glue gun, which he later rubbed with paint to make them look like nails.

IMG_7973 - CopyWe got EL wire donated to the excitement, and had a lot of threading and sewing to do with it:

IMG_8002 - CopyIMG_7999 - CopyThis was a one liter lemonade bottle that Nathan “painted” with the glue gun to get the textured designs, and then spray painted the outside and filled with EL wire on the inside:

IMG_7975 - Copy IMG_7974 - CopyThere were model ships to put together and spray paint and “rust” and there were more feather boas to turn into hats, and more EL wire to sew by hand:

IMG_8045 - CopyThis was the bottom of a soda bottle upon which we glued foam strips, and added glue gun dots, and then spray painted:

IMG_7996 - CopyNathan did a whole lesson with the kids one evening about colors and which colors you mix to make new colors, and they played with food coloring to get these bottles ready:

IMG_8050 - CopyGears, gears, gears everywhere, so many gears to place and glue, with feathers popping up in lots of places:

IMG_8051 - Copy

Everyone had pieces of things to try on.  Here’s Anber trying out one of her fancy pieces to be sure it fits and works properly (and to see if a belt really will hold it all together):

IMG_8056 - Copy IMG_8057A dress-up box hat, shower curtain rings, spray paint, belt straps, and made-in-the-oven stained “glass” the kids made for some flight goggles:

IMG_8613Everyone had to try on the base of their costume, all picked out from the dress-up box in the hallway, before we could add any fancy stuff or gears or feathers or effects made from random pieces:


We couldn’t forget the baby!  I worked on her skirt, while Nathan drew on her onesie:

And some more last minute sewing:

 The two biggest clues to what our costumes are this year?

Yes!  Our family is dressing up as Steampunk Peter Pan!

We always go as a book, and this was a favorite this year, plus they saw it at the theater, and the movie just came out, we have three different movies of it at home, plus we have the record, and several book editions, plus they are learning about daddy’s writings, and a play about James Barrie was his first ever play, and the baby and I flew off one night and disappeared (to Cincinnati), and it seemed the best idea for this year!  We unanimously voted to do Peter Pan as our theme, and decided to do it in Steampunk style!  The kids have been so excited, and are thrilled!

And I get to be Smee!


Nathan is Captain Hook:


Mary is Tiger Lilly:

 Alex is Peter Pan:

 Kirk is John:


Barrett is a Lost Boy:

Anber is Tinker Bell:

 And Baby Girl is the Mermaid:


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