Trailer Drama

We are back in our miracle trailer, somewhere in Wyoming. 

I think we made it as far as Rawlins tonight, thanks to a late start and some child drama.  Seven and Kirk were so good and finished all their homework, so they got to ride in the truck pulling the trailer. They got extra snacks and got to watch a movie!  The others rode with us, taking turns throwing gigantic baby fits because they were naughty instead of sleeping, and then just too tired.

Everyone was great eating the amazing dinner that waited for us, with tortillas and spinach and tomatoes and radishes and watermelon and pineapple.  We got changed into pajamas with only one preschool baby fit, through scriptures and prayers with no problems, and even the baby down with our usual songs.


(Notice Anber is still the last to go to sleep.)

And then this happened:

We aren’t sure what was going on, but the other two boys were asleep.  Alex kept making noise enough we had to ask him several times to stop or to leave people alone (twice piling on a sleeping boy instead of being in his own space).  Trying to help him settle, we decided singing another couple hymns would be better than fussing at him.  Except when we did, he started fake crying like the baby.  We even played Nathan’s violin music a little bit.  Realizing he was just going to keep going, we stopped playing the game and retired to our pillows.

That’s when “Mama! mama! Mommy!” started, over and over, over and over, in a baby voice, for more than half an hour.

Finally, Barrett leaned over to him and whispered loudly, “Be quiet! You woke me up and she’s not here right now! Leave a message!”

That’s when Nathan and I lost it laughing, even though we had been trying hard to ignore the whole thing.

In the meantime, while he continues, Seven’s arm keeps falling in Anber’s face.

She finally pushed her off the bed and whispered, “You are in my SPACE!”


Since Alex has switched to  crying out “Daddy,” we are going to bed.

He may or may not sleep in the van.

At least I can take my ears off!

Edit: Alex finally stopped after half an hour.  We almost fell asleep, and then a huge THUNK shook the trailer! Seveb fell out of bed! It might be a long night!

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