Big Girls Don’t Cry

Nathan and I both had work on this Labor Day, though I loved Nathan’s chat with the kids about what Labor Day is, which was later followed by Anber’s version of why people don’t talk about unions these days, but they were really important a long time ago or else her fingers would be cut off by machines. I just typed up treatment plans and wrote out assessments and did my notes from last week, so it wasn’t nearly as exciting as those kinds of conversations.

We got all our laundry done and put away, which always takes everyone helping, and always is a feat worth celebrating.  That’s why it is significant enough to mention it.

Today the kids helped get all the homeschool junk off the buffet in the dining room, and we got everything put away in the right cubbies.  The actual cubby baskets aren’t finished yet, but I am working on it, and I think it will be so great!  We will still have access to everything for homeschool adventures, but our dining room won’t be taken over by kid trash constantly.  From time to time is natural, but it should be a grown-up family room with plenty of space for kids to wriggle, not a toy room where elbows don’t have space for eating. We also got the craft stuff – which we do use constantly – moved to the back bedroom, where it will go on the shelves and cabinet there.  We will get it put away this week.

It’s going to look nice, I think, and it makes me like our house two hundred percent more.

We had a huge gift of help from the Lewis family, who came to pick up the boys’ old bunkbed and move in the new bunkbeds from the back room.  The boys’ bunkbed was really nice and very lovely, but it took up a lot of space and it just isn’t going to work since we ended up with three boys.  The other bunkbed was empty since Mary moved herself from the back bedroom into the girls’ room with Anber when Sister left.  We will, sometime in the next year when things settle down, get one more bunkbed set that matches the other two, and split them so Alex and Baby Girl can have matching beds with new mattresses as well.  But for tonight, that was huge and a help.  I have always moved those beds myself in the past, but have not had the strength since cancer.  It may have been a simple but exhausting annoyance of a trade to the Lewis family, but for me it was a miracle.  Then Sister Lewis brought over more clothes for the kids!  What a night!

I cooked fish with almond sweet potatoes and brocooli for dinner tonight, but we were in the middle of bed excitement so I did not get a picture. The kids were playing hard outside on the swingset with the water on during all the commotion, so finishing dinner and getting them all cleaned up and to the table was tricky.  We made it, though, and finally got through scriptures and prayers and dinner and dishes and one more feeding for the baby, and now it is after midnight but we made it through the day.

Nathan and I also talked to our nutritionist in New York again today.  We do pretty well at eating the healthy things we are supposed to, but he had so much stress while I was in Ohio, and I wasn’t able to cook much since I had been sick a year ago.  We also want to see what kind of nutrition could help him and his oxygen that we are concerned about, while I am back under doctors orders to fight some numbers on my labs.  We need her help, and I am so grateful for her, and she is going to help us.  Nathan has some specific goals, we have specific goals for our family, and nutrition is part of my survival plan – plus they say we are back to no refined sugars at all (goodbye, caramel corn and no bakes) if I want to stand a chance against cancer.  So she is going to help us, and I love that this is our season in the same timing as such deep cleaning and reorganizing of our home.  It’s like we are literally getting our lives back after two very hard years, and I am so excited about it!  There is a tangible lightening of our load, and I am so relieved.

Know what else is crazy? Trying to prepare for a whirlwind trip to Utah and back, with six kids in tow.  A road trip like that is going to make us real mormons for sure, like nothing else!  We leave in three weeks!  It is suddenly upon us, and I hope I am ready for my training.  Nathan has to go to an orientation training with a bunch of lady-wives, and I think it’s really funny.  But we are going to have such fun with each other, and the kids, except for when it isn’t!

Now, though?  Sleep, I think, after a very long shift at the ER this weekend.

When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid:
yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.

~ Provberbs 3:24

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