Table Dancing Saturday

If I had known today was going to unfold as it did, I would have taken before pictures.

But we got all crazy cleaning house today!

I have been working back in the third kiddo bedroom, since we are not using it now, and cleaning out our “foster closet” since we aren’t fostering anymore.  It was an entire walk-in closet packed floor to ceiling with clothes in every size and gender! We never knew who was coming, and that stockpile has saved every child that came through our door.  We always had to keep working on it, because usually the child took it all with them when they left.  Getting rid of everything that our kids cannot use (like size 3 and under in boys, for example) meant passing on bags and bags of clothes – I lost count after 15!  Someone told me we should have sold them to help raise money for the trip coming up, but there are so many in need and most of it we passed on personally, plus a good chunk back to DHS for other kids who need it.

Now the closet is cleaned out for the first time since we moved here so suddenly just before I got sick, and it feels great!

We also got all the kiddo stuff out of that room and put back into the bedrooms the kids are using now.  We are going to take the bunk beds out of the boys room since we ended up with three boys and those beds take up so much space, and move the bunk beds from the back bedroom into the boys room because they take up less floor space.  We found a family willing to help us do that in exchange for the beds, and I am so grateful.  I used to move the beds by myself all the time, but do not have that kind of strength back since cancer.

While moving things around, we decided we also needed to move my mother’s china cabinet.  We are always fussing at the kids as they run past it, and realized it would be better just to move it than to fuss at them.  Such a silly thing is not worth adding a negative interaction to our day, and it’s not their fault that’s where it is.  So during naptime I emptied the china cabinet and spread stuff everywhere:

There is also a bookcase that my mother’s father made, and we emptied it also.

Then I oiled all the wood while we could, and that felt good to get done and out of the way!

While it dried, we moved both pieces across the room, and swept and mopped and cleaned the baseboards behind them.

While I worked on that, Nathan worked on this for me, thanks to a gift card for Lowe’s that I had saved from last year:

The kids were busy working, too!

Then we moved where we had them, to better places that give more space for the kids to move around the dining room a little more easily:

And Nathan finished this for me, which I will finish my part of later this week:

Then it all worked out to the very best most perfect surprise, which was Nathan’s parents giving us their old table, so we got a table new to us, one bigger and rounder so that for the first time our whole family will be able to fit at the table!  I am so excited!  I even have oval tablecloths from my mother’s table growing up, so that works perfectly!  They also have one more piece of wood cut for another leaf in the table, and I know exactly the person who can help me make it.  I am so excited!



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