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It is 3am, and I just got home from a suicide at the hospital.  I am relieved to know that I still know how to do my job, can still sign on to the computers, and mostly remembered all my passwords for all the different sign-ons I have at the different places. The kids were excited to go with me earlier (yesterday) to pick up the pager, but less excited when they realized it might go off and I would have to go to work. I reminded them that it was the pager that pays for the new van.

It didn’t go off all evening, though!  I was able to get through making dinner with the kids, eating with the family, deep cleaning the girls’ room, and watching an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” with the kids, and then even tuck them in with prayers and kisses just before the pager went off.  I fed the baby as quickly as I could, which of course you can never hurry a feeding, and then Nathan’s mom held her while I scurried off to the hospital.  Nathan and his dad were at the venue for tomorrow’s production, working on theater type things.  I made it home just in time to feed the baby again four hours later, and now am typing this while burning a cd for Nathan’s production tomorrow.

The baby goes down quickly after feeding.  She is sleeping so well, usually a four or five hour spurt with only one feeding in the night.  After that, she sleeps for a good six hours, and once even slept for seven hours!  I am okay with that.

After she is down, I go back to the kitchen to set up the ironing board and iron.  I need to iron a tablecloth for Nathan’s show tomorrow, and might as well iron his church shirts while I am at it.  I finish and am able to type this much before the pager goes off again.  Now it’s almost 4am, and I am headed back to work after being home only an hour, after working since 7 yesterday morning.  All I can think is that working this hard really, really makes the Sabbath feel like a sabbath.

I slept, then, from 430 to 830.  After a long night working the ER, I woke to Anber crawling around the house on the floor, scooting on her pillow and blanket because “Daddy told me to stay on my bed for three minutes.” That girl is so funny!

Today was a quandary because I am on call for the hospital, but Nathan is directing rehearsals all day.  We had a whole team of lovely volunteers helping us out while we were both busy.  The kids went to Nathan’s parents this morning, and then went to chase chickens at the Vaclaws.


Besides any chicken safety, this was a big deal because they have never been there before but chickens chasing sounded like a pretty fun deal.  We were a little anxious because it was new people and a new place for them, but they did great! I love that they are feeling safer and more comfortable, and I love adoptive placements making us more flexible in being able to ask for help and make new friends.



I made it to the theater in time to feed the baby, who was riding around on Nathan in a backpack.
I now offer an official exhibit on the art of rattle discovery:


When I had to leave again, the kids moved on to their next adventure of playing in the sprinklers at the Vivians, who have a daughter in their class and just live across from us a little way.


Meanwhile, we fed the baby again because that’s what we do. 

She loved her first day backstage with daddy.


I loved spending the day with them, even if it was interspersed with suicides and psychosis.


I got paged back to the ER for a homicide, a suicide, and a psychosis case just as Nathan’s show started, and will be here at least until midnight.  It’s exciting work, but not the same as being with my husband and children.  I am sad to miss his show, but I am very-very proud of him.

And with a six week hospital stay still to pay off, and less time until the next surgery to pay for what will both fix one thing but put her airway back in crisis, I know one little girl who really loves her daddy, and who appreciates his efforts at raising funds to provide for her and keep her alive… 

Alive for moments of a love like this:


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