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We had a big week.

Toddler started PreK, and she loves it. She will be three in June, and is already reading some and doing some basic math and knows so much! She was tested last summer because she was so advanced, then on a waiting list for a year, and now finally they called us that her spot had opened up and it was time for her to go to school.  

She loves it.

She goes to classes in the morning, learning all her smarty pants things, and then for lunch she goes back to the two year old class.  They set the table, and eat family style with their teacher to practice conversation and speech therapy, and then clear the table and brush their teeth and set up little cots for naptime.  After nap, she folds her blankets and puts her cot away, and stays with the two year olds for music and art and outdoor science and movement (dance and playtime).

She loves it, and is so excited to be there, and is already talking to her classmates and teacher, and brings home projects everyday.  She never talked at her other preschool, ever!  She is learning, and happy, and is really turning into a three year old instead of being a baby – less and less “toddler” everyday.  She is fully potty trained, still in a pull-up at bedtime and naptime just in case, but always dry.  She loves wearing panties, being independent, and showing off all she can do.

And she smiles.

She smiles all the time now, and laughs, and talks, and sings.

She is happy!

She is doing so well, and I am so relieved.

In the meantime, while the Toddler is quickly becoming a child, the Baby is becoming a Toddler. She can finally run, is starting to help us get her dressed, won’t keep any shoes on, and finally has begun talking. She is getting curious about the potty, so I am letting her try it out when she is interested and sit her on it before baths, just for practice.  She turns two in May.

Her sister, Four, that we have had for two weeks goes back to Grandma tomorrow morning.  I don’t know why. And if she can go, I don’t know why they don’t also send the Baby-turning-Toddler. They are full siblings. I don’t know what the story is there.  Four was easy, though, and a delight to have with us. I will miss her.

Six is a mess. We still have not found the missing hearing aid that 13 took, and I worry we won’t find it if she had it with her.  We are missing so many things and so much stuff, and we have no idea where any of it could be. Medicaid won’t get Six a new hearing aid to replace the missing one because they just approved her for a cochlear implant. Hopefully we will have a plan for her soon.

Five is doing great.  He is so good, and so sweet, and so funny.  His only challenges right now are staying in his seat in the new van (the seat belts work in such a way he can stay buckled but get up and walk around?!) and task completion.  Because he is all boy! He is a very big help to me, though, and so tender to the babies, and so full of love for our family and friends who care so well for our family.

We did not take Spring Break as a vacation this week, mostly because of work and chaplaincy. We also didn’t get permission to take Six with us out of state until later in the week, since they didn’t know when she was getting out of jail.

Once we went, we were free! Everything went smoothly, and we loved having the new van. We even made it back with $3.17 from our $90 budget! Many thanks to Tracy Wallace and her husband for hosting us for two nights! That helped so much!

The church history sites were amazing, and I still ponder what I experienced there.  

I will share in pieces, but I don’t have words yet.

Besides, now it is time to unpack so I can repack. Again. I am living out of a suitcase these days, it feels like!  This week I had to take my only PTO days for a training at the VA until Wednesday. Next semester my Sundays will be there for my chaplain hours.  Some of the training is for PTSD with veterans, though, and military family counseling, so I will get CEUs for counseling also. That helps! 


The new baby, toddler’s sister, is due any day but we have no update on her yet, and I am just hoping she doesn’t come until after my training is done and I am back home!

With Four gone, that will put us back down to four until the baby comes. This makes life easier than six preschoolers!  But it will still be hard for Nathan to be on his own with so many little ones while I am gone for three days. I am so grateful for his help, and so proud of the kids for learning so much! They have really come so far.

And this morning, our adoption worker called to tell us we are officially approved and listed by the state as the parents of Five and Toddler!  We go in three weeks to finalize and get new birth certificates! They are waiving the six months waiting period because we have already had the kids for two years.  We are so excited!

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