Green Juice

This stuff is the bane of my existence:

But it is also one of the reasons for it.

I feel much different when I get my green juice and when I don’t, and having been well stocked up on it has been a great asset.  Making my own was yummier when I could add apples and carrots, but needing a specific recipe according to the doctors kind of rules that out. This leaves me with the more raw and less yummy version that I have adjusted to but still do not like.  We wore out our juicer, though, so I am grateful that suddenly v8 now carries green juice in addition to their classic juice of which I am a big fan.

For me, the difference between functioning and not depends on the the juice and vitamins getting in me, and movement, even when that movement is mopping the floor and vacuuming.  My life with vitamins means feeling super strong when I am well, or sluggish and pained when infected but overcoming infection instead of being hospitalized by it.  I really feel it has saved (is saving) my life.

That’s why I choke it down.

Even at 430, which is suddenly 530am, when it’s time to pack up for my 30 hour hospital shift. I have two chapels to do today, so have two sermons ready, but probably won’t take my cello because it was so much to maneuver last time.  Besides, brave is one thing, and I pulled that off, but comfortable doing it is another.  I will probably have to sing again, though.

This is my pre-dawn life, while my family sleeps.  It is so simple now, my life, that my friend said I am in danger of becoming boring.  That’s the impact of a mini-van, I think, but maybe I am okay with boring for a while!

Green juice isn’t boring, though.

Just nasty. Except with carrots and tomatoes and apples. Yikes.

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