Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day calls for some serious celebration!

We have so much love to celebrate!

Nathan started our day with pink pancakes with strawberries and whip cream!


While he worked on those, the caseworkers for Five and Toddler were here, updating us on what happens next.

Next Tuesday will be a hearing (we don’t have to attend) just to set the adoption date for Five. Because of court schedules, they know it won’t be before May. They are still trying to schedule Toddler’s adoption on the same day.

Next Wednesday I do have to be at the courthouse for Toddler’s trial, just in case it still happens. The DA says mom’s attorney is trying to get her to relinquish because they know she can’t win. If she doesn’t, she will have an “open chair” trial, because she is in jail without bond and headed to prison. That means the trial just goes ahead and happens without her, so her attorney can cross-witness but she won’t be there to testify. There is also the chance it could get rescheduled because of an unrelated criminal case that may not be finished up by Wednesday.

Even though we are excited, of course, we are not in a hurry for Toddler’s trial or adoption to happen. We actually need to stall some, because we don’t want her case closed before the baby sibling is born. If her case is still open, the baby comes straight here from the hospital (or prison) after being born. If the case gets closed before the baby is born, then they have to wait until the baby gets hurt before they can pick it up.

That’s the update.

After caseworkers left, we tried to get back to normal. We played Valentine’s crafts until it was warm enough for the kids to play outside again. It’s such a gorgeous day before the cold comes back! Nathan is so clever and sweet to be so crafty with them in such positive one on one time:


Once all the kids had turns working with daddy, and 13 went back to the computer for homework, and the babies went down for naps, and the sixes went outside, then Nathan brought me this:


That’s the little hand carved wooden box that Nathan used to propose to me! How sweet is that?! Know what was inside?

Three homemade “morse code” bracelets!

How sweet is that?!


Nathan is so very cool.

Not only that, but he surprised me with one of my besties to babysit for a surprise date!


I had just finished making him BBQ pizza when she popped in, and he announced our pizza was for a picnic!

A very cold picnic!

We were so excited for a moment to ourselves, that we sat in our cold car eating that pizza!

It was so funny!

Then he took me on a walk, which is my favorite thing, actually. He walked me to the bandshell at Sooner Park, where we had one of our dates during that first blissful week when we met. It seems like ages ago when he danced with me there in the dark with no music, and I knew I was in love with him. We were so cute and careful then, making sure to be home by curfew and all those protective things.

Tonight we were free of all that, liberated by eternity, and we raced the cold wind to the shelter of the bandshell. When we got there, and the wind was gone, Nathan pulls out a speaker from his coat pocket, turned on his phone, and the sound of our wedding song filled the air!

It wasn’t open
But somehow you let yourself in
Closed off and broken
I never wanted to go there again
I wasn’t waiting
But you came at just the right time
Weary and wasted
I never knew I could feel so alive
Darling believe
You’re closer than anyone has ever been
Oh baby don’t leave me alone,
I’m yours for eternity
You’ll hold the seven keys to my soul
Oh yeah yeah angel
Feel so connected
Like I’ve know you all along
I never expected
To fall into loving so deep,
so deep and so strong
Darling believe
You’re closer than anyone has ever been
Oh baby don’t leave me alone,
I’m yours for eternity
You hold the seven keys to my soul
Closer than anyone
This is where we belong
Closer than anyone
This is where we belong
Closer than anyone
This is where we belong

~ 7 Keys, by Aqualung

And so there we waltzed, alone and in the dark, and in the bitter wind, with music swirling around us.

It was magical.

It was a powerful moment, symbolic of what our marriage has been: a slow waltz of sappiness in the shelter of our faith while the bitter cold whips around us.

I love this man, and our evening was very sweet and romantic, and I was so glad to spend time with him today.


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