Remember how cute it was when I thought I could save my family by getting just one more job, doing a little work on the side at the ER, just to make sure I didn’t burn out at my day job, and just to pay off cancer?

Yeah, that was cute.

This weekend has been CRAZY.  I got paged two minutes after going on duty last night at midnight, and didn’t crawl back into bed until after three in the morning.  I got the next page just as we were leaving for church this morning, which sent Nathan to sacrament meeting with seven kids all by himself.  I made it there in time to take sacrament with the ward after us, but then got paged again as soon as we got home from church – and now it is 10pm, and I have just gotten back home from that page because it was back to back all afternoon and evening.  I am worn out!

It must be like that everywhere, though, because all the facilities I had to call today were full already.

Kind of like our house.

Three and Sister are still here, and I pray for an update first thing in the morning.

We will be sad to see them go after they ended up staying so much longer than we expected, but if they are going to go they need to get gone.  Sister wants to bond with us, but can’t because she is about to leave.  Three is coming out of honeymoon, and getting really aggressive with his smacking other kids and throwing chairs at school.  We are at capacity, physically and emotionally, and mentally, and barely can keep up with laundry.  This so-many-kids adventure that was supposed to only be “a week or two” has become four months, and we are spent.

They are delightful, though, and we love these babies.

Most of the time.

Look what Nathan did with the kids today while I was stuck at the hospital!


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