Salad Surprise

Today was insane.  Insane.

We somehow slept late, even though we went to bed on time, but managed to get in our morning exercises and all my meds and proteins and all that stuff that reminds me I am not as well as I pretend.

(I could have slept for days.)

I had to drop off one of the kids for a visit on my way to work, then pick her up on my lunch, then later take another one to visit in between patients.  On another break between peeps, I had to pick up two of ours from preschool, take them to pick up a third finishing a visit, drop two others off at the house for DHS visit, while delivering two others for a parent visit this evening.  I still had two more hours of work after that!

All the while it was raining, all day, as I got kids in and out of my car, all day.

My head felt very, very naked and cold today, even with my new hair almost growing in.

We did not even get all the kids back home again until after everyone was ready for bed and two were already asleep.

Know what saved us today?  Friends showed up with this:


Hot soup for our family, with an amazing salad and gluten free crackers. There were jello jigglers for dessert, which was perfect since one by one the kids dropped like flies.  Everyone came down with their flu bugs tonight from flu vaccines last week!  That will make our anniversary exciting all night long, as all five kids start throwing up in turn.

It will be almost as much fun as our first anniversary last year, when we had five kids (two of the same, Five and toddler, plus a three-sibling-group) and the same thing happened except it came out the other end that time.  Clearly we timed our wedding well, to celebrate the flu vaccine sickness every fall on our special day.

(Nathan’s mom warned us Friday the 13th was a bad idea, but with our work schedules, there was really nothing else we could do and still get a week off.)

Nathan didn’t miss the effect entirely this year, as he helped me clean up the kitchen after dinner.  He was working on the trash and bent down and said, “why is there a brownie on the floor?”  It wasn’t until after he picked it up that he realized it was poop, and not a brownie.  Somebody had played with a diaper in the trash!

That was our very romantic anniversary-day.

We could be resentful, or even whiny, about not getting a day that is just-so, or a night away from the kids.

Excepting that this, right now, even driving kids around and picking up diaper messes, is our life.

And we worked really hard to get to have kids, and so are committed to the full experience, even with the flu.

And I am feeling really, really good for all the words I got to puke up in that hair ball of a blog post earlier today, during all that time of waiting here and waiting there for patients and kids and families, and am surprised by the degree of closure and letting go I feel.  I am so glad, and it feels so much better than holding that inside still.

So I am thinking that instead of picking up new dirty laundry (no pun intended), we can just let this day go, and be glad – again – that we are in this together.

Because this, my friends, is real life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

(Mostly because it was Nathan who got to pick up the poop, and I am okay with that.)

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