Hebrew Hungry

While I ate lunch (or maybe instead of eating lunch), I got my Hebrew homework done!

I love my classes again this semester, even though doing a post-doc with five foster kids means getting up at 4am three days a week.

This semester is fun because now all my homework is typed, and I have a Hebrew keyboard, and a Hebrew document software program (Davka), and so today was my first day to ever get to type Hebrew.  When I have typed in Hebrew in the past, it was using the iPad keyboard, which I still can use, but that’s different than this dual keyboard for my PC or getting to type in a made-for-Hebrew program that doesn’t get confused when you start from the right.

I am so excited, and love it so much, and it was the best nerd moment to rejuvenate me!

I am grateful that I already had used the Hebrew keyboard on my iPad so much to email Israeli friends or for blogging, because this class is very fast paced and it would take me ages if I didn’t know where the letters were already.

I can’t tell you how excited I am, or how good for me this is!

I also finally finished translating 1 Nephi 12 from Hebrew, and now just need to put it back together into English again and I can post it.

Hebrew, somehow, in ways I cannot fully grasp or understand, is a language of my heart.

I really, really, really love it a lot.

And the only thing more exciting than finally being able to type in Hebrew is – for the first time – learning what Hebrew sounds like, as this class puts together my reading and writing skills with listening and speaking as well.

I am so, so, so excited.

My other class (medieval Judaism) starts the weekend after next, and I am already started on that reading every time I am waiting in line at schools or the pharmacy or doctors or the hospital.  It is a hard thing for me not to write about what I am learning, but the policy on that is strict on not writing or blogging about class in any way, so I will have to process privately.  It reminds me of the children, so much we cannot say or share, and so I am full-up with marvelous secrets and treasures bursting at the seams to share so many amazing things.

(Edit: sorry for confusion. The not writing about what I am learning has nothing to do with any secret religious teachings as many have asked me. It is about not sharing homework or processing so that others cannot copy my work and to keep the class a safe place while online discussions are still ongoing. I can process more at the end of each quarter, when the class is finished, just like my other classes other quarters. The difference is that my other schools encouraged processing and posting of the work in progress on social sites to encourage hard work and more processing, while this one has rules about talking of a class while still in it. I don’t mind that at all, just meant it was one more area – like my work or like fostering – that is cordoned off from my writing, which is a disintegrative feeling.)

In the meantime, my heart is full of delightful things, and my mind flowing over with fresh eyes seeing the world in new ways, and a Self hungry to be, to know, and to become.

In other news, it is Sukkot in the Jewish world, and it’s the holiday that gathered the people for King Benjamin’s speech back in Mosiah.  CLICK HERE for an excellent article about that particular Sukkot celebration in Book of Mormon history.

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  1. Emily you need to write a book. I love reading your stuff and love your parenting skills!

  2. Wow…. That’s all I got. I have to say that I’m partially relieved to her your just like the rest of us because up until now, I thought you were superwoman! I am sorry that you have had such a roller coaster day…and that darn judge should seriously know better than to get an accurate answer with a bowl of candy…. As a professional, can you attest that? Hugs to you. You guys deserve it.