Family History Mission Video Released

Remember last year, when the video crew came out from Salt Lake, and filmed us at our house for three days?

BXXyJ7gCMAEBz3Q.jpg large BXXz_wwCYAAwK9H.jpg largeThey were there, of course, because of THIS ARTICLE that I wrote for Deseret, which was about a youth project our ward in Owasso did in response to a challenge from Elder Bednar about family history work.

Deseret later ran THIS ARTICLE about it again six months later in both print and online.

20140506-140058The film crew also spent time with the ward youth, and interviewed many of the adults who had helped with the project also.  In the year since filming, we have seen two versions of the footage prepared and have anticipated its release.  It was such an adventure, and we were thrilled the youth got so excited about family history!

On Friday, I got news that the video – a version I had not seen before – was released this week on the church website about serving church service missions from your own home.  I tried to share it on Facebook, but didn’t realize (because I was posting from my phone) that it was a download link.  So here it is again, where you can watch without having to download it.  The clips of the youth are going to be lead in videos, they said, used for family history pages, instead of a whole video of the youth project.  That’s what we call “scope change”, but I will post those links if I can catch them.

Here is my hilarious video (thank goodness they cut the funny part at the end where I said “that’s a wrap”), which is fascinating to see me with hair back when I was so heavy with miscarriages and grief right after my mother was killed, and I think pregnant again when this was filmed.  We did already have Five and toddler, and I think another sibling group of three at the time, so it was busy days during filming – and so tricky to get us filmed without getting any of the kids in the video!

Mostly it makes me laugh, but I hope if they worked so hard on it that it can be helpful in some way.  The point was supposed to be that ANYONE can do SOMETHING, and you can always make time to index, do some genealogy, or take names to the temple.  I was called on my mission in 2010, for thirty-six months, and then extended “indefinitely”.  The assignments I have had shifted around as needs changed, but there is always work to do.  And “not enough time” is never an excuse: during my mission, my I had two surgeries to get my cochlear implants, my father died of cancer, I worked two jobs, moved my mother into my home, got engaged and got married, had two miscarriages, my mother was killed, had three more miscarriages, went through 30 foster kids, moved, and now cancer, with two adoptions pending.  There are days when I know the help I have received, direction I have been given, or strength I have found has been directly from blessings from family history work – whether my own or that for others.  It is exactly what I needed, and specifically the experience that taught me about family – and made me fall in love with mine, just in time.

Here’s the video:

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  1. I’m so glad you called!!! My heart went out to them and I even considered calling about them myself… then I read the part about needing to know sign language. Alas, I have been a poor study, perhaps even a lazy one. Now I wish I had paid more attention. I have sworn to be more prepared for the next time I am needed. (Get in the system, get a home study done, and start learning sign language (again)and pay attention this time ). I’ve always thought that one day I would like to take siblings like this to help them avoid being split up (I hate to see families split). It will be interesting to see what (and who) the Lord has in store for them. Hugs!!! You guys are amazing!!!