Band Together

The clinical team gave both Nathan and I the new “orbit” band, with website access for a year.

His is the public one being released this month, and mine has extra beta programs for medical monitoring.

How cool is that?

It constantly monitors my heart rate, oxygen, temperature, and all kinds of things, as well as our activity levels, sleep quality, and exercise.

Besides that, it syncs with both the apps we use for nutrition and exercise, so ultimately it gives a very detailed report.

It is both amazing and creepy.

Especially when it vibrates because we have been too inactive for too long at once, or if I am doing too much and am supposed to go sit down, or when it is time for medicine or food.

Oh! And they can send me messages on it, and it vibrates so I know to look, then the message scrolls across.

How crazy is that?

I can’t wait to try it out as I start being able to do more things physically, and spent tonight getting comfortable with it on all the time now.

So wild, all this technology!


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