Let the games begin!

Our new juicer arrived today!


With it came more information about the nutrition part of my treatment, including some of the first basic recipes. The very most basic one is made with cucumbers, apples, kale, lemon, and ginger. It’s one of the basic ones I will be having a lot, with other things added depending on what my body is needing.

I feel pretty confident with my cooking, and cooking is one of my favorite things I enjoy. If I am going to learn these new recipes, and get creative along the way, the I first need to learn the basics. If I can get that down, then other flavors and ideas can be figured out.

So that’s what we did tonight, just to try it out!

We made the very basic recipe that will be like the “stock” of the juicing we will be doing.


It made this much green juice!


I was really scared to try it. I knew it would be simple. But I needed it not to be terrible so that we would feel braver about really committing to this treatment option.


But it was really good! This particular one tasted very much like cucumbers, so it was a funny experience to drink a cucumber. But the sweetness of the apple was there, and the drink didn’t have a bitter edge to it until the dregs. I poured those out! But the rest was really good, and I feel way less anxious now! Even Nathan drank all of his!


It does, again, make me mourn the loss of my garden at our Owasso house.

Remember that?

I found an old picture of it, with My niece Jessica standing there:


That garden had everything.

I loved that garden.

It fed my whole family for the whole year. I knew moving would mean starting over, and I knew this year would be about seeing what this bit of earth has to tell me before digging about. We have strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries already. You can also see where a garden once was, with spinach and lettuces and tomatoes growing up on their own. I have pots of root vegetables – potatoes, carrots, onions, and beets – that I have just used seeded roots to get started in pots just to feed us this winter some. But it won’t be anything like my other garden, not this year.

That will be an adventure for another season.

I did bring my fruit trees with me, so that will help.

In the meantime, we will trust that the produce we need will be provided, as all things always are.

This weekend someone got us the bountiful basket, and that is perfect timing for the new juicer! I am so excited for Saturday! It will be fun to start learning new recipes as we begin this new treatment.

Our friend’s friend Kris Carr has a ton of juicing recipes amongst all her raw food recipes, so this is one of my new books they sent me to be prepared and learn how to cook in this new style. We have other books and more training, but this was the first one to arrive.


I am mostly excited to be actively finding ways to nourish my body, rather than just sitting around waiting to get more sick.

That’s the plan, anyway.

One cucumber at a time.

Edit, one hour post-juice:
We have immediately noticed two things already: first, that we feel more hydrated already, and secondly, that our late night cravings were curbed! Excellent side effects!

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