We have had so much help.

Every bit has been miracles to us.

One family set up THIS FUND, where people have donated online to help support us during this cancer battle and recovery. We have been grateful, as Nathan is working less than part time while taking care of me and the kids, and this was my last week with any PTO – which was donated by my colleagues. Miracles, I say. My job has also been helpful because of it’s amazing benefits that paid for most of surgery, and because of getting my cochlear implant upgrade earlier in the year, our deductible was already met.

With the funds people have donated, we were able to pay all of our July expenses, including being current on medical bills so that treatment can continue. We are humbled. We are grateful. We thank you.

More friends have brought us more amazing food than I can even recount!

The young women cleaned our home.

Some kids are outside right now, mowing our lawn! I don’t even know who they are! Five just ran and told me, and took a picture for me:


This was especially a miracle, as they were doing this while Nathan rushed the toddler to urgent care with a high fever.

Where would we be without you guys?

Every day I wake up, and there are plants and flowers, or this taken care of or something else thought of and taken care of for me.

One friend even picked up library books for Five and toddler while there for her kids, knowing we used to go every week before I was sick. It was so sweet! I cried!

I do a lot of crying, because we are so overwhelmed with visitors and helpers.

You have sent is care packages, and silly wigs, and bought me a real legit wig for work, and hugged me and held me and talked with me. You have endured my kids, helped my husband, and done things anonymously.

People have slipped cash into our hands and pockets, given to that fund, and created miracles.

We have been given gifts cards (some of which I used today to get an elliptical machine on sale, with another gift certificate, so it only cost $109! Someone even sponsored us for bountiful baskets, so that we will have fresh fruits and vegetables!

Another friend says she “just happens to have” a Cars backpack full of kindergarten supplies for Five’s schools. Even Nathan cried on that one.

Each one of these things were tiny things, or added up to be big things together, but all of them were miracles.

Because you are angels.

And we are overwhelmed with love, and so very grateful.

Every single day a prayer of provision has been answered, and every single day some kind of comfort has been given.

That’s why when people say, “I don’t know how you are doing this,” we look at you and say “because of you.”

And we thank you.


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