One Week Since Surgery

It has been a whole week since surgery, now, and I can’t believe it.

I slept all night! I woke twice, but both times I was able to go back to sleep. When I woke at 5am, Nathan helped me get out of bed and reposition myself, and I went back to sleep in the bed again instead of having to sit in the reading chair. This is like a miracle to me!

It also meant I woke for the day at normal hours, which meant I had a small window of energy while my kids were still home! I cried for being so happy to spend time with them! Five and I did school, and he finished his last PreK workbook and is officially in kindergarten books!


The toddler and I did some coloring, some sorting, some tracing, talked about the letter F and the number 5, and did some cutting and pasting. She is doing so great that SoonerStart is going to discharge her from services! Her attachment is good, her trauma therapy is good, her behavior is so much better, and her speech is catching up so quickly. I am so proud of her!

I really love them so much! We had so much fun spending time together, really, for the first time in a week. They were as excited and happy as I was!

Many thanks to Nathan, who was patient trying to deal with us all. He worked really hard to give us an illusion of normal, and I think it did us all some good.

I needed a good long nap after that, of course, but was able to wake in time to eat with Nathan, and sat at the table for the first time since surgery! Not only that, but I could get back up again! It wasn’t easy, but I am so glad to be functioning a little bit more every day.

I had no fevers today!

I was supposed to walk today, but it was too hot outside, so I did this instead:


It’s a giant world map in the kids’ hallway! I left the decal pages on the bed in our bedroom, and walked back and forth to stick them up in the hallway. That’s how I got my walk in today! I also did some planets on the other wall, and included Pluto, so don’t be a hater:


That, of course, also wore me out. I am to the point of being able to be awake for about two hours at a time if I am resting, or about an hour if I am up and trying to be active. That’s so great!

My incision is healing nicely, and still have no problems with that. My follow up for that is next Friday, I think, so we will see what the doctor says. My pathology reports and lab work should be back tomorrow, so I think that is part of why I tried to be busy today while awake. I am anxious but not afraid, and just want to know, and have had so much waiting lately.

I also held down all my food today, even having a pretend real meal with Nathan of a tiny few bites of roast, a few carrots, and a few bites of potato. It was so good to have normal food, almost as a relief as that fish and broccoli I had some of yesterday. My body is waking up and remembering what it is supposed to be doing.

Even as a I type now, I had to stop and blow hair off my iPad. There is hair everywhere! I will be needing to get my head shaved soon to make things easier, but it’s not quite time yet. I still have a lot, and we are adjusting the kids to everything as best we can. The doctor told me I can’t do it until after Monday anyway, I think.

Tomorrow is Nathan’s birthday. Last year I got him foster kids for his birthday. Not really, of course. His gift was private lessons at the glass blowing school in Tulsa, but our first foster child came on his birthday, poor guy. I feel like this year I got him cancer for his birthday, and am not really well enough to be able to do much for him. He is a good sport.

But, since today I can finally at least stand up and move around a little, even if I can’t do anything else, then that’s what I did for him. I waited until he was gone to get the kids, and after I had another nap, and then I put this up in our room above his nightstand:


James Barrie has always been Nathan’s favorite playwright, and a related play was one of Nathan’s first plays that was ever produced. So it is special to him, and obviously our love has definitely been an adventure. I think he will like it.

Except now that is all I have in me, after such a marvelous day, and so I think I will go to bed and sleep until next week sometime!

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