Red JellO

You guys!

At this very moment, I have zero pain!

I have been hurting for two years, at least!

But today, right now, in this moment I have no pain!

It’s like a miracle!

It *is* a miracle.

I know it might be medicine they gave me in the night, or because I am lying still without bothering my surgery incisions or staples. I know it will hurt later when I get to get up later and try waking around. I know this battle isn’t entirely over just yet. I get that. I really do.

But for a moment, even just a small moment, I woke up at 415am this morning to experience the miracle of no pain!

I want to wake up Nathan and tell him, but I am trying to wait so he can sleep. I wanted to ring the nurse and tell her, but my ears are off charging, so I would to be able to understand her.. So I had to write it!

The nurse came in then, and cried with me, but also warned me to still pace myself today because my body is weak and tired and it will hurt again after I am allowed to start walking. But what a miracle that is, to start walking!

Don’t get any big ideas, Nathan says.

It’s just jello, I say.

I haven’t eaten in two days, and not much in four days.

I am a girl who needs some jello.


He teases me, because usually I don’t like jello. His mom makes these amazing and gorgeous jello salads, and I don’t eat them. But it’s a texture thing for me, and growing up the only time we had jello was when my mom served it to us as a hot broth when we were sick. Today, then I am getting some ribbing from even myself because I was thinking maybe to ask her for a simple salad to practice at, like red jello with bananas or something. Or maybe I am still too scared!

The nurse says she is coming back at 6 to take my catheter out, and then an hour after that I can walk by myself to the bathroom, and an hour after that, I can take a shower! So she said to still use my morphine even though I think I am such a superstar. It made me laugh! Everyone has been so good and nice, and I am grateful for their good care of me.

We will share better updates after the doctor come today and we actually know more details.

Thanks, though, for all the support!

And chocolate! Look what Rachel brought me!


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