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1 Nephi, chapter 10, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


And now I, Nephi,
a novice at this,
begin to record on these tablets
(the plates of brass)
the useful things
about the story of my reign
and my mission.
Now as the saga continues,
I must again share a little
about my father
and about my brothers,
for this will preface
much of what happened to me.

Because after my father’s final words
about his dream,
he also preached to us –
to me and to my brothers –
about the Jews
and our great city of Jerusalem.
My father, Lehi, said that
it (Jerusalem) would be destroyed
and that many (of the people living there)
would be transported to Babylon
as captives and exiles.
But he, my father, Lehi, also promised,
prophesying like many other prophets,
that after the loss of much blood,
they would be delivered from captivity,
and the Lord, our Master,
would return them to their land.

And after returning from captivity
to their land again,
they would again possess the land
that was already theirs
and was already given to them
as an inheritance.

Yes, six hundred years after the time
when my father left Jerusalem with us,
his family,
the Lord, our God, will establish
(call, ordain, and send by the priesthood)
a prophet from among the Jews
to the world –
even the very Messiah
they await,
even the Savior of the universe.

He, my father, Lehi,
also taught us
things about the prophets,
and about how many testified
of the same things
regarding the Messiah –
who is the Savior
of the world,
of the universe,
even of eternity.

Because of this,
all humanity is situated
in a state of doom –
unless it relies on the redemption
provided by that same Savior.

And he, my father, Lehi,
also talked to us about a prophetwho would come before the Messiah,
preparing the way of the Lord, our Master,
or, in other words,
preparing the people to receive Him as Lord.

Yes, even that this prophet
would sound his voice
calling to the people
and saying,
“Ready yourselves!
Align your will with His!
Be prepared to receive Him,
by living as He commands!”

“Even I, as a prophet’s voice before Him,
standing here among the people
He comes to claim,
am not as powerful an experience
as you can have with Him (directly) –
for I am not even worthy,
much less permitted (authorized),
to untie his shoe strings.”

My father, Lehi, spoke many things
about this specific subject,
meaning about prophets
and people
and calls to holiness.

My father, Lehi, said that same prophet
would baptize by immersion
the people in Bethbara beyond Jordan,
and he also said
that this prophet
must even baptize
the Messiah Himself
in water.

And that after first delaying
by protest of unworthiness,
the prophet will baptize the Messiah,
by immersion in water,
with much awe,
and testify
of the Messiah’s purity,
and declare
that he, the prophet,
had just baptized
the very Lamb of God
who would take away the sins
of the world,
of the universe,
for eternity.

And now,
after my father, Lehi,
said these words to me
about the good news
which was told to the Jews,

And also his words
about how the Jews
would atrophy
from not practicing covenant-keeping
and waste away
from faith unpracticed,
faith deficient without the Messiah,

And that by not receiving Him,
they would not recognize Him,
and so would also even kill the very Messiah
they knew was promised to come.
But that after He is killed,
He will rise from the dead,
and present Himself to the Gentiles,
manifesting truths to them
by the Holy Ghost
because they are willing to receive them
(by covenant).

Yes, by the power of the Spirit
my father, Lehi,
spoke many things about God
and the house of Israel,
comparing them to an olive tree
whose branches break off
and are scattered
across the whole earth.

My father, Lehi, said that this means
that we need, therefore,
to be united together
as a family
in being led away
as a family
in obedience,
rather than only scattered
away from each other
in disobedience,
like those Jews who would not listen
to the prophets.
And, that if we knew He would deliver us
and that if we knew He had led our ancestors,
then He could also lead us,
even to a land of promise,
even to fulfill His covenant promises
to the Jews,
even to us,
promises of deliverance
to a promised land,
even while we,
as a family,
were being sent away
in consequence of having to be scattered,
thus showing His faithfulness
that we would,
by obedience,
be led away by Him
and thus scattered
than be forced away by our enemies
and thus destroyed.

But to overstay
beyond the timing
giving in His instruction,
or, rather,
to delay our obedience,
would mean destruction
with the rest of Israel.

But still, even for them,
because of His faithfulness,
He promised that
even once they are scattered,
they would (someday)
be gathered together once more.

And that finally,
after the Gentiles receive
the good news of the full gospel,
the branches of the olive tree,
or the remainder of the house of Israel,
will be sealed together,
like being grafted in through binding,
as they come to know the true Messiah
and recognize His faithfulness
as Lord of His holy people.

These were the kinds of things
my father talked about
to me and my brothers,
as well as many more things
not recorded in this book,
because I wrote more things already
in my other book,
but it seemed wise to me
to start this book fresh.

And these things
I have written
were all things
my father taught us
while we lived
as foreigners in Lemuel Vally,
of what he learned
while in the tabernacle there.

And so after I, Nephi,
heard all these words
from my father
about what he had seen in vision
and learned by revelation
and testified of in prophecy,
and also all the things
which he had said
by the power of the Holy Spirit,
which he received
only by faith
and obedience (as a token of His faith)
and confidence in the Son of God –

And yes,
that same Son of God
is the promised Messiah –

And so I, Nephi,
asked to see
(and promised to observe the laws I learned)
and asked to hear
(and promised to hearken to what I would be commanded)
and asked to know
(and promised to be obedient to)
these things
by the power of the Holy Spirit
because I understood
these same promises
apply to all people,
as a gift from God
even for me,
if we work to ask
and are faithful to what we learn,
and that this has been the true pattern
since ancient times
and will be the same pattern
in the time when the Messiah comes
and will be the same pattern
in the time when the Messiah
reveals Himself to the Gentiles,
who are children of men
but that by covenant-keeping
will become
children of God.

Because He is constant,
always the same
and today
and tomorrow
and forever.

And the manner
by which we are redeemed,
which redemption gives us hope,
has been prepared for us
since before the world began,
and taught to us
since before we began the world.
We only must repent
to claim this gift of hope,
and by repentance
return to Him.

Because it is promised
that all who desperately seek
to be set at liberty
will discover
the way to be free,
and that which was before secret to them
will be taught to them
by the Holy Spirit
through the very ordinances of God,
the same as it has been done since ancient times.

And so now today,
just as in ancient times,
those seeking to find God
for redemption
will find it
by revelation
because the ways
of the Lord, our Master,
are always the same,
the same process of redemption
for all people
in all eternity.

So please remember, oh people,
that all your choices –
all your behaviors and interactions –
shall be brought to trial
and ruled upon.

This means
that if you have tried to do evil
during your life,
then when you stand for sentencing
you will discover
you are not free after all,
but unclean and impure,
and nothing like that
can stand before the throne of God.

This is not because
God is mean or oppressive,
but because He is faithful and good.
It means that God is holy,
and you will not be able to tolerate
your mess of a self
so near a holy God.
You will not be able to bear it,
and will know
that you must be dismissed
from His presence
but it will be too late
to clean yourself up
or having anything good to offer.

The Holy Spirit gives me
authority and power
(by the priesthood)
to speak these words to you
so directly,
and I will not deny them
nor recant them.

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