Friday Fun Day

Besides work, we always do “school” every day (except Sundays). Five is almost through the pre-K review material, and already starting Kindergarten work. I am so proud of him! He has many challenges and lots of catching up to do, and autism means that the more familiar I can help him become with what’s coming up next year, the lower his frustration and the easier his transition. I am not trying to cram “stuff” in his head so much as I am starting exposure to it now so that he’s not in crisis later in the classroom. I am delighted with his progress, and think he is more patient with me than I am with him.


It is trickier, of course, now that our baby is starting to be alert and want to participate!


The toddler makes us study snacks so that we don’t get worn out:


And I always offer some serious playtime as a reward for such hard work!



On Fridays, we always go to the library and check out another theme-kit, more books, and more videos. The kids are loving it, and I am so happy they love books. It is funny to me that we spend so much time in our library at home, and wanting to go to the public library also. I love it! My librarian mom would be proud.


While the kids napped, I worked hard on getting my notes finished. I really wanted to just sleep, but when else can I do paperwork? So I got it done, like a grown up, but it was painful. The good news is that it is all finished, so I don’t have to worry about it this weekend.


And then, just like that we were all loaded up and on our way to pick up my nieces.

Let me assure you, that the only thing more fun than being a foster parent of five kids who don’t really want to live with you is to load all those kids up and take them on a road trip.

Just as we were leaving, I found out we were picking up my niece Billie, as well as Jessica, so I had to run back in and install another seat in the van and add to our picnic I packed for dinner.

It was worth it, though!

I got to see my brother and his wife!


Even if our visit was just long enough to transfer kids, I was so glad of it! I got to visit with my sister-in-law, and I wish we got video of how Five ran to my brother, screaming, “Uncle Kirk! Uncle Kirk!” Even the toddler went to them, though we don’t see them enough so she is still shy, but that is progress! They are so sweet to our kids, and I am so grateful.

Now I have a whole bunch of kids!


Mostly I am excited for Sunday, when we will go visit my father’s grave, and my mother’s best friend Jo, all on our way to pick up Nathan from the airport. I am so excited for him to come home! I miss him so much, but am grateful for technology. We were able to FaceTime him several times today, so that the kids got to share many experiences with him.

That’s happiness, being all family-like.

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