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1 Nephi, chapter 8, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:



We collected all kinds of seeds,
even all kinds of grain seeds
and seeds for all kinds of fruit.

And then, while my father lingered
longer in the desert,
he said to us these things:
“You see, I dreamed dreams,
or in other words,
I received revelation
so direct to me
and so head on
that it came to me as a vision.

“And know this,
that what I saw as a vision
gives me reason
to delight
in the Lord, our Master,
who makes me so glad,
and to cheer on His plans
(appointed for)
Nephi and also Sam.
To me, I see there is a basis,
or a foundation begun,
(to know that) they (Nephi and Sam)
will work hard to calculate
(their obedience and covenant keeping)
(so that) they will be rescued by the Lord,
even delivered to their celestial lives,
and that (they will)
take advantage of these promised blessings
for their descendants also,
even working hard
(from both sides of the veil)
to help their descendants
(from both sides of the veil).

“But Laman and Lemuel,
what I see for you
makes me very afraid
because (when I asked) about you
(since I had not seen you there),
I saw (instead) a desert,
dark and desolate,
or, rather, I saw the emptiness
of your lonely lives
without His words
or His holy people,
the emptiness of nothing
(from the prophets
or from the scriptures)(because) you have not written
their words on your hearts
(and do not live according to their words).

“Then I saw a man in a white robe and mantle,
approaching me
until he stopped
and stood before me.

“And he commanded me
in words
to go ahead and walk after him,
following him for a ways.

“When I went to follow after him,
and after much following,
to get to the tree
(that I will tell you about later),
I had to go through
this dark and desolate desert.

“So I followed,
even proceeding through darkness
throughout many hours of this long journey,
even until I began to pray
to the Lord, our Master,
to feel sorry for me in such darkness
and have mercy on me
under (the umbrella of)
all the many favors and graces
He has already promised me.

“When I finished praying
to the Lord, our Master,
I saw there was a great big field.

“And then I saw a tree,
the one I want to tell you about,
and its fruit was very beautiful
and its presence was as inviting
as the vision of happiness
I had been given.

“So I went ahead
and took from that very fruit tree,
and tasted the fruit,
and discovered it to be entirely sweet,
more so than any fruit
I have (ever) tasted.

“Also, the fruit was entirely white,
even whiter than anything I had ever seen.

“And as I ate the fruit,
I became so full,
(as if I were truly nourished),
or, rather, I was spiritually filled
with much happiness,
more than I could (ask or imagine).

“Because of this
(depth of happiness),
I began to request
the members of my family
(to also come and)
to also eat from the tree
for I knew it was better
than all other fruit,
and that it would serve our family well
(and completely).
(I knew this was all that our family needed.)

“As I turned my eyes
and looked about,
checking to see
if members of my family
were also coming,
that’s when I noticed
a river of water
flowing close to the tree
from which I had tasted the fruit.

“I endured this separation
from my other sons
(who were not coming to the tree),
while still looking
to the source of the stream
in hopes of seeing them there.

“Finally, I saw them!
However, they did not want
to taste the fruit,
or, rather, they found no joy
in obedience
or in living their covenants
or in keeping the oaths
of the priesthood of God
(and so also never really trying).

“(I wondered at this
and how hard it would be for them,)
but then I noticed
an iron rod
stretched the length of the river,
along its banks,
leading (up) to the tree by which I stood.

“That’s when I also noticed
a straight footpath
along the length of the iron rod,
next to the river,
leading all the way up
to the tree by which I stood,
(so that I knew the path was there
for anyone who would walk it) –
or, rather, that the only way
is that of straight forward honesty
and levelheaded righteousness.

“The path led past the head of the stream,
which was a fountain
(of cool water from the mountains),
and led to a great big field,
as if the journey took an eternity,
and as if it led to a completely different world.

“I saw there many sons of Adam,
many people still without the decay of mortality
(and so yet to be born on Earth),
more people than I could count,
all of them eagerly waiting their turn,
all of them organized in groups
to jump in (as you would jump into a lake),
all of them wanting to start their journey
onto the path to the tree by which I stood -or, rather, to begin their journey to God,
shepherded by prophets
and empowered by priesthood.

“The people were able to advance
to take possession (of their bodies)
for the sake of transporting themselves
(through mortality)
to the tree by which I stood (celestialness).

“But remembering the taste of their spirit-power
and learning to regulate their mortal bodies
led to confusion and struggle,
and felt to them like a
very-very dark-dark fog.
Instead of correcting themselves,
or responding to correction,
they just kept going for the sake of going,
straying from the path
and becoming lost
until completely gone from the road
and truly lost
from the way
they themselves had planned to go
(to get to the tree
until they had forgotten about the tree
all together).

“Then I saw others pushing forward,
urging themselves to endure
as they advanced along the path,
calling out to each other
(testifying and mutually edifying)
so that none had to be lost.
(In this way, together)
they followed the iron rod
along the path to the tree.

“And as they made their way forward,
the dark mist surrounded some of them,
even clinging to them in almost tangible ways
as they tried to hold to the iron rod.
But they focused on what they clung to
(or, the iron rod)
rather than focusing on what clung to them,
and by this,
they reached the tree
and even tasted its fruit.

“After they tasted the fruit,
some of them looked around
to see who would notice,
as if they were ashamed.

“That’s when I also looked around
to observe about me,
near where the water changed to a river,
and I saw a great big building,
as if it were high in the air,
high above the ground.

“From the great big building
high in the air
came speeches of people,
even those who had been members of our people,
even the old and the young,
and even the males and the females.

“These people were dressed
in the most exceedingly beautiful clothes,
as if they wore costumes of culture
rather than priesthood garments.

“They were mocking and pointing fingers,
indicating which of us had reached the tree
and tasted its fruit.

“This is why some at the tree
looked around as if ashamed.
These tasted the fruit,
but felt ashamed
(instead of happy)
because of those who mocked them,
falling into the old trap
of worrying about
what was clinging to them
(mockers, now, instead of darkness)
and causing them to forget
that to which they were clinging –
even the very fruit in their hands.
When they forgot what they were doing,
they left the tree,
even stepping aside
to take forbidden paths
until they were also lost.”

And now, I, Nephi,
do not re-iterate all the words of my father.

However, I’ll be brief
in writing (some things) of importance:
He (my father, Lehi) saw
“the crowds pushing further forward
until they came
and caught hold
of the iron rod,
and by this manner
they pushed their way
further up the path.
And as they went,
they held to the iron rod,
with their testimony as evidence,
they progressed up to the tree
where they fell down
and tasted the fruit from the tree.”

He also saw “those people
who fell out of rank
and groped in the darkness,
lost in the past,
feeling the darkness
instead of lighting their way
by declaring their testimony.
They wandered further away
until they led themselves
to the great big building
where the mockers stood.

“Many others simply copied the behavior
(like a coin being minted),
but not actually holding on to the iron rod.
These people were drowned in the water.

“And many others
left the field
(where the tree was)
and wandered
until they were so far away
we could no longer recognize them
(in the distance
and through the fog),
all because they wandered down
strange roads
(outside the covenant).

“Many others entered the great big building,
curious about the perspective of those within.

“As they became part of that crowd,
they joined in with them
and began to sneer at us
and mock us,
ridiculing me and those eating the fruit.
However, we knew what they said
was not ordained by Elohim,
so we did not let their words
into our hearts or minds.”

In this, my father, Lehi, taught me
by pointing out that all those
who took to heart
what was not of Elohim
because part of the crowd
that went back down the path
and lost their way.
(This taught me, then,
that to keep my way,
I must stand on my own
and follow the words of Elohim
and put his prophets’ words in my heart
and live by them
and learn by them.)

And my father said
that’s when he noticed
and really realized
that Laman and Lemuel
had not tasted of the fruit at all
but were only copying behaviors
and going through the motions.

After my father had spoken all these things
about his dream, or rather, his vision,
and finished his many teachings
about what he had learned from it,
he said, “because of what I saw in my vision,
I am more afraid for Laman and Lemuel,
even more afraid than I had been before.

My father, Lehi, even feared, perhaps,
that they (Laman and Lemuel)
would abandon their opportunity to return home
due to apostasy,
which means that they were willfully choosing
not to keep their covenants
and so the Lord, our Master,
was not bound to them,
and so would not know them,
and so would dismiss them
from His very presence.

That’s why my father, Lehi,
preached to them,
explaining all he could to them
with all the tender love of a father,
requesting of them to listen,
and begging them
to take instruction from him
and to accept correction
so that the Lord, our Master
could perhaps still have mercy on them,
if they would still yet keep their covenants
rather than not
and so be dismissed by the Lord.

Yes, my father, preached to them, alright!

And after he preached to them,
including prophesying to them many things,
including warning them directly of the consequences
for not keeping covenants
and for breaking commandments,
then he asked them – even commanded them –
to keep the commandments of the Lord, our Master,
and by doing that, to also keep the covenants they themselves had made.

And hereby, these were his final words to them,
his complete testimony,
and by them,
his life was also complete.

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