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1 Nephi, chapter 5, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


And so when we went to the desert to our father
(and to our tabernacle),
he felt a very great happiness,
and yes, my mother, Sariah,
was very happy also,
because she had already mourned us.

As it turns out, she (my mother, Sariah)
had even complained about my father,
saying that her husband was hallucinating,
or had delusions,
and that he had, by every word he spoke,
led them further and further
from the land of their ancestors,
and that now her sons had been lost
and their inheritance had been lost
and that we, her sons, had died in the desert.

In words such as these,
my mother complained about my father.

So tortured by this did my father reply to her,
“I know that I am a man of vision,
prophecy, and revelation –
but if it were not for what I worked so hard to see
and understand,
even the very things of God
(mysteries of God —> ordinances of God),
we would not have known His goodness.
We would have remained in Jerusalem,
and perished together with the people there
(and our descendants perished without access to God).

“But see,
by being obedient and by being faithful,
I am entitled to revelation –
and by receiving revelation,
I have won us a (celestial) destination
of real happiness,
a “land of promise” –
a literal land appointed for us
and the spiritual promise of exaltation,
which is even better than the place
to which we now travel.

“I know the Lord, our Master,
will deliver our sons quickly from Laban,
and promptly bring them back to us
even through the desert.”

And in words such as these,
my father bowed
(both humbled himself
and also literally kneeled down to hold her)
and consoled and comforted
my mother, Sariah,
about us while we were gone
(without them)
(back through) the wilderness
back to the land we owned near Jerusalem
so that we could obtain the records of the Jews
and so achieve our mission.

And this is why when we returned to my father’s tent,
their joy was so full
following the fullness of tedious and tiresome waiting
that we caused them
(by taking so long to follow the Spirit’s way
and having failed several times on our own).
Finally, then, my mother consoled herself.

And she (my mother, Sariah) said,
“Now I know, yes I know that I know,
and I am assured that I know,
that the Lord, our Master,
commanded my husband to flee into the desert.

“And I also know that I know
that the Lord, our Master,
protected my sons,
even delivering them from Laban,
and even allowing them to be given
power and strength to carry out their mission,
even to accomplish the things
they were commanded to do.”

In words such as these,
she testified of these things.

And so they (my parents, Lehi and Sariah),
with much happiness and joy,
sacrificed and burned offerings
to the Lord, our Master,
the God of Israel.

And after the God of Israel accepted our thanks,
my father, Lehi, took the records
that were engraved
on the front and on the back
of the brass tablets (plates),
and examined them
and repaired them properly
(as they had been neglected in Laban’s care),
and began to study them
(as he inspected them)
from the beginning
(that is to say,
these records were from scratch
and original copy
(not yet altered
by human error
or by priestcraft agreement –
which is why it was these records,
these specific records that Laban had,
that we needed instead of
copies of records
from someone else).

And he (my father, Lehi)
saw that the brass tablets
(plates of brass)
consisted of the Torah
(the five books of Moses)
and included (another)
record of the creation of the world.

It also told about Adam and Eve,
who were our first parents.

They also included a record
about the history of the Jews
from the beginning
(an original copy from scratch)
up to the start of the reign of
Zedekiah, king of Judah.

And yes, (even) the prophecies
of the holy prophets,
from the beginning
(an original copy from scratch),
even to the start of the reign of Zedekiah.

And yes, also many great prophecies
as said by the very mouth of Jeremiah himself
(words my father knew and also treasured).

Then my father, Lehi, also found
a genealogy of his ancestors
on the bass tablets (plates).

Because of finding this,
he knew he was a descendant of Joseph,
yes, even the very same Joseph
who was the son of Jacob,
the very same Joseph
who was sold to Egypt,
the very same Joseph
who was rescued by the hand
of the Lord, our Master,
so that he, Joseph,
could rescue his father, Jacob,
and all those in his house (family)
so that they would not be lost to starvation.

And it was the very same God
who also recused them (Joseph and his family)
from captivity in the land of Egypt.

Thus my father, Lehi,
discovered the genealogy of his ancestors,
and with these records
he (my father, Lehi)
learned who he truly was
and so received the inheritance
(my brothers had said) we had lost.

Also, as it turns out,
Laban was also a descendant of Joseph,
so this is why he had the records,
or, rather, why his ancestors had kept
and preserved the records
(though Laban did not care for them well).

When my father saw
and understood
(through pondering)
all these things,by the Spirit,
he began to apply them
by the Spirit
in prophecies about his own descendants,
even that the brass (plates)
would be like extensions,
or offshoots of the same branch,
or (I mean to say)
like runners from the original plant
spreading it (the original plant) all about –
so as to distribute among all,
by verified and authentic standards,
and so as to bring these records closer
(make them more available
and more accessible)
in every language
to every member
of his descendants.

So yes, he said these brass plates
should not be lost,
or, that they would not be lost,
not forever, and not entirely,
and also that they would not become
indistinct over time.

And he prophesied many things (words)
about his descendants.

And so we (my father and me)
had so far maintained (our obedience to)
the commandments of the Lord, our Master,
and so also sustained His prophets.

In this way,
we achieved our goal
of accomplishing our mission
by getting the records
that the Lord, our Master,
had commanded us
that we must obtain.
Then we investigated
and studied
these records(the Scriptures),
and found them desirable
and welcome,
even of great value
to “own” them
by preserving them
with much gratitude
by living according to (what they teach us)
for the sake of our children
and teaching it also unto them
and teaching them also how to live
according to (the Scriptures).

In this way, it was much wisdom
of the Lord, our Master,
that we should carry these records
with us as we journeyed in the wilderness
(or, literally speaking,
as we journeyed
through mortality
by the word of God)
to the land appointed for us,
even the promised land,
(or, spiritually speaking,
living according to His word
that we may journey through mortality
to what He has promised us,
which is exaltation in celestial-ness).

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