Observe and Hearken

I recently finished the Book of Mormon again in my morning individual study, and so decided this time around when I start reading it again, that I would study it in Hebrew.

That’s not the original Biblical Hebrew or Reformed Egyptian, of course, but a modern Hebrew version that is no longer in publication or authorized for distribution at this time.

It’s been fun for the good practice at my Hebrew as suggested in Preach My Gospel, while also giving me new insights as I read from another language’s phrasing and description.

Tonight was a fun example, where I caught something in 1 Nephi 1:18 that I never noticed before. In English, the verse ends with Lehi testifying to what he has “seen and heard”. But in Hebrew, it is very evident this is poetry that also implies that he practiced what he had been instructed in, meaning that he had also “observed and hearkened”. This fun little poetic treasure should have been obvious to me, but I never caught it until I read it in another language!

Nathan and I have enjoyed the insights, along with those we get from the sign language version and from his experiences in the Korean version.

I am so grateful for these tiny bits of light bulbs that teach me!

Also, it is very fun to be proud when you recognize new vocabulary words like “Lehi” as you read! It made me smile!



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