Veggie Mom

Almost every Monday, I get a veggie lunch from Subway before going into my other office in Tulsa.

Today the guy behind the counter remembered that he remembered me.

I think because I didn’t have time for his lame jokes that slow down his service, so I went on the offensive and ordered a veggie without bacon.

So he laughed and started my usual, but then couldn’t remember which stories go with me. I mean, some people gossip with their hairdressers, but I chat up the people at subway. He remembered me and my food, but not my stories.

I know this because his small talk, for the third week in a row, began with “So, how’s your mom?”

So I, for the third week in a row, quickly replied with “She’s dead, thanks.”

This was followed by the expected awkward silence, but also was successful in making him hurry.

Do I just look like someone who goes around telling people about her mom, enough that it has to be the starting place for conversation?

Oh. Yeah.

So then I felt guilty, and tried to apologize via testifying while he wrapped up my sandwich that I made him take off the bread but not chop like a salad.

I told him not to worry, that mom is progressing well, very happy, and learning lots.

I told him how she missed out on carmel covered cheetoes.

I told him how she smiled at me yesterday.

I told him how we will meet her in the temple next month.

He just stared at me.

So I reminded him I needed to pay for my sandwich, and he told me $2.26, and I gave him exact change.

He said, “you are the most intriguing and hilarious person I have ever met.”

I told him I would be back next Monday for my sandwich.

He said he would try to remember that my mom is still dead.

But only temporarily, I said, as the door dinged on my way out.


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  1. Thanks so much for all the things you blog about.When I open my email I always look for your post first. At this time in my life I can appreciate the topics you write about. What Nathan said about how he’d rather be a successful Dad than a successful entrepreneur, touched my heart. Wish there were more men like that. I love hearing about your couple study. Many things that you do. Do you suppose you could blog about how you started your couple study? I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to know how you get so much done.Have a wonderful day, and thanks for the contribution your making to society