Dancing Date and Saying No

Filming today went much better and more smoothly, with most of the serious stuff filmed yesterday.  We started by Nathan playing violin for us, and then laughing our way through some dancing in the kitchen.  Dancing in the kitchen this morning was the most fun date we have had since starting out as foster parents!  It was so much fun.

I was also supposed to drive to work, except I do therapy in people’s homes, so of course we could not film them, so I just drove around in circles.  I was supposed to think of someone who wouldn’t mind if we showed up at their doorstep just to pretend I was stopping for a visit, but I couldn’t remember how to get anywhere without the GPS except for a few I knew would not be happy to see a camera crew on their doorstep!

When it was all said and done, I finished my notes and treatment plans for work while Nathan still had the baby out.  I got the last one turned in just before he got home, and was delighted to take over caring for the baby that I missed these two days!  Now Nathan will finish work, while I care for the kids.

I wondered, since we spent the first part of the week cleaning and preparing, and since I tried to get my work done early in the week to make everything easier this weekend, what I would do once the filming was done earlier than expected today.

I knew life would not be that easy, and sure enough all three kids came home with the flu-ish something today.  Nice.  I am hoping it is not really the flu, but just from being out in the pumpkin patch for the school field trip.  But the baby is also sick, so I think they are all just down for the count.  Maybe it will be a short last bug that won’t take very long to get over, and maybe it won’t get passed around the house repeatedly.  Maybe.

So everyone is cleaned up and dosed up and tucked in, and I am making soup and passing out juice and playing mama in a whole new way.

It also means we cancelled a visit on biological parents for the first time ever, but the caseworker said no visit if the kids are sick.  And so it is, us the bad guys again, except always for care taking.

I am grateful for the lunch Nikki brought the film crew today, so that it is easy to feed my husband while caring for the kids.

I am grateful for Nathan’s help with the kids while the film crew was here.  We usually tag team work schedules pretty evenly, but I know he had extra this week during the day.  I took care of them in the evening while he caught up work, but it meant he was working late instead of playing with us, and I know that it is harder to do creative work when he is tired.

In other news, while I was in the middle of wrapping up filming, and the baby was throwing up all over Nathan’s mom, DHS called with a new kiddo with “severe behavioral issues”.

And for the first time, we said no.

All three kids sick, two of our five having just left, one still settling down from separation trauma, and two little ones that have been recently injured by the “behavioral issues” of other kids… it was just not the time.

It’s not that we won’t take more, or that we won’t say yes next time.

But for today, we had to say no.

And we feel it was the right thing for us at this time.

We prayed, we talked, and both feel confident in our decision, though our hearts break for whatever child out there needs a home today.

Tonight our home is at the limits of what we can offer in providing a home, and we all need rest and healing and some recovery time before we throw everything up in the air again.

Excepting for that baby bottle that just flew past my face.

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