It is 230 am, and I am finally almost finished with my work.

Last night was long, with very little sleep.

Today was long and hard and sad, with much work waiting at the end of the day.

Finally, I am caught up to where I was behind before the latest kiddo crisis.

I got the addresses and contact information sent to the camera crew for all those they are going to be visiting, and I finished treatment plans for today, put off session notes and assessments for tomorrow, answered two Hebrew essays, read 600 pages from homework texts, and I have the invitations ready to send out for Young Women’s Night in Excellence (is that what it is called? I don’t even know?!).

It was a crazy, crazy, long, long day.

And I am tired, except now words are finally coming.

After all these months, another burst of words, and it is too late to write.

My brain is trying to wake up, and I am trying to hold my words in for the camera, even though I have no idea what I will actually say.

The other camera crisis is that I got a haircut, which is always terrifying, but she tried to modern-me-up since I liked the relaxer so well (even though it rarely actually gets styled since I have kids now). I cannot decide if I really super love it, or if it just looks familiar because that’s kind of what it looks like when I just crawl out of bed.

Bed? Oh! That is where I want to go right now!




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  1. Hang in! This fall seems crazy busy for everyone. Somehow you always manage to pull through…. but I know that doesn’t mean it’s easy.