Because Life is Awesome


Our tire got a puncture wound today.

I had two patients in my car at the time, and am so glad it didn’t cause an accident.

We are all fine, and I was able to get pulled over safely.

Our car is still new enough it had free onstar, and it was them calling us that startled us more than the blowout.

They knew where we were and what happened and what we needed, and told us help was already on the way.

Within ten minutes of pulling over, the spare was already on with a new tire waiting at the Chevy place.

That’s service.

It meant that there was still time to feed these girls breakfast, still time to walk at the river, and still time to get back to my family for the rest of the day.

This was all an example of how we can’t escape the challenges of a mortal world, but the burdens of living within this context can be significantly lightened.

I am grateful, because any piece of the experience could have been way worse.

Instead, it was just a picnic on a gorgeous day.


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  1. Wow!! It’s absolutely amazing that the best possible outcome happened at each point in this situation. We had a tire blow out once late at night, causing our car to spin around backwards down the road at some horrendous speed, and I was pretty sure we were gonna die. But we didn’t! I’m so glad it all worked out so well for you.