Hebrew to English: 1 Nephi 1:10-11

These are notes from my Hebrew study last week, as I (very slowly) begin translating the Book of Mormon from Hebrew back into English.  This is only for Hebrew practice, as suggested in Preach My Gospel on page 130:

Read the Book of Mormon in your mission language to learn vocabulary and phrases and to practice grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. There is great power in using the scriptures in your language study.

I am not interpreting or correcting any translation, of course, and there is no current authorized printing of the Book of Mormon in Hebrew.  I am using an old copy given to me that is no longer in publication.  I plan on sharing pieces and chapters as I go, but only do so for the Hebrew practice and for sharing the insights learned from the language perspective.

(That will be my disclaimer if I share full posts of entire chapters.)

For now, here are some fascinating insights I explored last week from 1 Nephi chapter one, verses 10 and 11, translating from Hebrew back into English.

Verse 10:

And he (my father) also saw
two plus ten (twelve)
additional others coming
(as they) followed after (him, my father),
and (they had) vivid-brightness
the stars in the sky.

Verse 11a:

(And) they
(deigned to) go down
and walk
on the face of the Earth.

Verse 11b:

And the first
(whom the two plus ten followed)
came and stood before
the face of my father,and gave to him (my father) a book,

Saying to him (my father)
that he (my father) was called in it,
and so invited him
in it (the book).

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