Two Little Princesses

This is Jessica, and her little friend from her class in our ward:


Jessica dressed up and we went to pick up E, and laid out a fancy tablecloth for a princess picnic of cucumber sandwiches.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the drive:

“I am a girl who can eat two sandwiches at once, or really just a sandwich and a half, but they don’t usually have cucumbers in them.”

“Pancakes are for breakfast but we eat them for dinner which is supper.”

“Humpty Dumpty is not a cloud. Just an egg. And you can’t put band aids on eggs.”

“Me and dairy are not friends.”

E: There are bad words I cannot say.
J: You can tell me because we are best friends.
E: It’s hiccup. I can’t say hiccup or it makes me hiccup.
J: hiccup!
E: hiccup!
J: hiccup!
E: hiccup!
J: hiccup!
E: hiccup!
J: hiccup!
E: hiccup!


Also, sometimes Nathan is one of the kids:

E told Jessica why eating cheese is gross, and Nathan is telling them both that cheese is only gross when you eat it like a popsicle the way Jessica does.

We drove past the giant playground known as Funtastic Island:
E: ooohhhh! I love that place!
Jess: I fell once (3 years ago).
Nathan: Playgrounds are dirty.

And there was our favorite game: Trying to sing the ABCs, but singing Twinkle, Twinkle at the same time.

There was also some kind of breath holding contest, during which we enjoyed silence, until it got a little concerning. Finally, Nathan just said, “if one of you explodes your head, we are not mopping you up.”


It was a delightful drive!

Then we stopped by to pick up Grandad, Nathan’s father who is going with us, and hug up Grandma Christensen while we are there. Most importantly, it was time to hunt down the crown she gave Dad last week!


Oh, and to play with Tuffy!


And some swinging:


And then, to be sure our wiggles were out, we had some races!


Finally, it was time to go!


The girls were so excited to see the Bartlesville children’s theater perform “The Little Princess”!


They were so excited about front row seats and watching the orchestra pit:


It was a great show!


But it is a very long show when you are only six, so at intermission we ran laps around the fountain:


And checked out the orchestra some more:


And after the show, they had special princess passes to the after party to meet the cast!


They LOVED meeting the cast, and had a little trouble understanding that the actors were acting (and E said she wasn’t allowed to take pictures of boys, which I told her was an excellent plan she should stick with):


My favorite quotes on the trip home:

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Interrupting cow.”
“Interrupting cow who?”
“I might interrupt you.”
“In a minute… Interrupting you!”

“Knock, knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Flower who?”
“I need some water back here!”

“Did you have fun?”
“My favorite part was everything, so let’s wash this up as a nothing.”

“Miss Minchen was a bully, just like on that cooking show!”

E: “Wait, how can you people not have a TV?”
J: “They really don’t. It is the truth. There is a lot of gardening going on at their house.”

“How do you blow a bubble?”
“My brother yells at me and it puts bubbles in my head.”

“Those pretzels taste like cheese.”

“My feet smell like peanuts.”

“I could sleep if I brought a pillow.”
“I could sleep if your feet didn’t smell like peanuts.”

“This was so fun of a good time!”
“It would be more fun if he wasn’t the one driving.”

“Do you like to sing?”
“Not at all.”

They then proceeded to sing together the rest of the way home, some made up song in six year old language.

They crack me up.

They are real sweethearts, precious princesses of Heavenly Father.


We also had some serious talks from themes of the show, about bullying and friendship, and those girls had some serious insights and good plans for both charity and safety.

Unless it’s time for pillow fights!


It was a grand adventure, and it will be a good memory for a long time.

Thanks for going with us, E!

Last quotes of the night:

E: “A coyote can’t get us in the car.”
J: “Yeah, because it would break his teeth.”
E: “Then it would get adult teeth.”
N: “Then comes grandparent teeth you keep in a glass by your bed.”
E: “Not my grandparents. They floss and brush everyday!”

“Baby skunk!”
“You don’t want a tomato bath, do you?
“It’s not my feet that smell like peanuts.”

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  1. What a lovely evening! Did you plan that they would both wear animal print? What a blessing to have good friends.