Morning Joy

No kidding, I am a morning girl and the early day is my favorite part.

Well, that is true when I can go to bed on time.

My job, however, makes that difficult. No one wants therapy at seven in the morning, which means I work long days that start late and push evening right into bedtime. Most days I am at least an hour from home when I get off work, so the drive makes my day longer still.

That’s one reason I love summer: kids aren’t in school, so I can arrange my days a little differently and enjoy my early mornings again.

The best thing about going to bed on time is waking up refreshed and rested without the intrusion of an alarm. This morning I woke just before five, and enjoyed my scripture study on the back porch while the sun rose.

I finished up the house cleaning then, reclaiming it from my organization projects (and Jessica).

That felt better!


I grabbed my granola bar and bottle of water, and headed to the gym.

It’s not the same without Nathan.


The last week people keep telling me I look thinner and healthier, and I keep telling them it’s just because I haven’t had any surgeries or pregnancies with miscarriages lately. What a rough time my body has had these few years! But it does feel good to feel strong again, and I have been working out on a new running machine that hurt so bad at first but now feels amazing.

For my daily memorizing, I have made it to Elder Scott’s talk from General Conference, and it really blows me away each time I read it. It’s packed full of so many commandments and promises! There is so much power, and I am grateful for how it strengthens me beyond myself.


Especially when Nathan is gone, and I don’t have a workout partner.


The farmers market always makes me happy! I got some broccoli because mine from last season has now gone to seed, and my broccoli for this season is still growing. I also got carrots because mine are only babies.


We are out of yogurt and things to make it, so I went to the grocery store and also got asparagus and eggplant, which I have growing but are just barely in season and I am too excited to wait.


I also had to drop some things off at the church building, take some gluten to a friend, and drop a pile of things off at Goodwill. I listened to Nathan’s cd of Broadcast while I ran errands, and it made me happy to be connected with him in that way.

Then it was time to feed and water the dogs, turn the sprinkler on the garden, have my yogurt and granola (and strawberries and blueberries from the garden) and get ready for work (including remembering to turn the sprinkler back off again) which on Wednesdays begins in Bartlesville at 9am.

And that’s a morning in Emily World.

Well, it’s my morning today, with brand new coils and cords for my cochlear implants! They make me feel all shiny!


Can you hear the sun shining?

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I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2009. I serve as a Chaplain, and work as a counselor. I got bilateral cochlear implants in 2010, but will always love sign language. I choose books over television, and organics over processed. Nothing is as close to flying as ballroom dancing - except maybe running, when in the solo mood. I would rather be outside than anywhere else, especially at the river riding my bike or kayaking. PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, and currently doing a post-doc in Jewish Studies and an MDiv in Pastoral Counseling. The best thing about Emily World is that it's always an adventure, even if (not so) grammatically precise. The only thing better than writing is being married to a writer. Nathan Christensen and I were married in the Oklahoma City temple on 13 October 2012, and have since fostered more than eighty-five children. We have adopted the six who stayed, and are totally and completely and helplessly in love with our family. Nathan writes musical theater, including "Broadcast" (a musical history of the radio) and an adaption of Lois Lowry's "The Giver". He served his mission in South Korea, has taught song-writing in New York City public schools, and worked as a theater critic for a Tucson newspaper. This is not an official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Morning Joy — 2 Comments

  1. I love seeing little glimpes into Emily’s life. I like to know more about daily memorization, I want to do it but I’m not very good at memorizing, so I’m looking for tips that would help. Even if my brain it’s one that memorizes things easily. Which I wonder if it isn’t. Have a great day, cause they really are all great.

    • Memorizing is easiest for me when I am moving – a lot of research supports it – so I always do it on the treadmill.