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If anyone feels squishy about fertility, skip this blog and wait for the next adventure.

For us, this is part of our adventure and we have promised to document the quest.

Today was our first visit to our new specialist, who says she can help us not keep having miscarriages!


I have had some bad experiences with bad doctors in the past, and was terrified for this appointment.

But our new doctor is so very nice, and thorough, and compassionate, and I could not be more comforted and relieved. Truly. She was amazing.

Also, the appointment was way less invasive and intrusive than all my cancer exams, so compared to those appointments, this was super easy!

We are going to start from the beginning, and all the testing is blood work!

They will do the standard STD testing that fertility clinics are required to do to protect the child, but she said that’s why they love working with Mormons. She said their bodies are pure and good from clean living, with no drinking or smoking or dangerous sexual acting out. I told her my life is so much better since getting baptized, and we talked about it for a long time.

We also are getting all the other standard tests, from genetics to thyroid to brain chemicals to estrogen and testosterone for both of us:



Then we have our individual specific tests on our baby contributions, to check numbers and quality and capacity of eggs and sperm:


So we both have to do two tests, and there are rules about the timing of them. It will take us about another four weeks to get all the testing done, and then another two weeks to get the results. We should have another appointment around the beginning of August to get all the results in a fancy schmancy report and make a plan from there.

Also, she loved my scores and results from the last visit with the oncologist, and confirmed me as cancer-free.

That is way more fun than just one miscarriage after another, hoping for the best.

I feel much better, and am so grateful to finally have a good doctor I am comfortable (and safe) with for this part of our journey.

We will continue moving forward with fostering because we have been called to do so very directly and so explicitly.

Life is always an adventure!

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