Early Morning Pictures

It was a quiet and still sunrise, almost as if even the birds feared to see what the morning sun revealed.


The area where the tornadoes did the most damage was mostly a rural area.

This is the good news, meaning that while one mobile home park was wiped out and the surrounding neighborhood had some damage, lives were saved.

Other than the mobile home park, the homes are spread out and far apart. Damage was to barns and power lines and trees. This doesn’t mean it is any less devastating for the affect families, but it did prevent some of the horrific carnage we see when it is a larger town that is hit – like Joplin a few years ago.

All the people are accounted for, misplaced families housed, the community fed, telephone lines being worked on, power lines being worked on, and the community preparing for round two of the storms this afternoon.

Here are some of the rural pictures from early this morning. I did not include pictures of the mobile home park because the families are still collecting belongings, and that is a very sacred and private and emotional moment.

There were lots of large trees completely uprooted:



And lots of power lines down and tangled in the debris:





Some trees were not uprooted, but stripped bare of their leaves and then decorated with debris:


Even the fences around farms now have strips of distorted tin and other debris entangled in them:



In this pile of debris, we found two uprooted trees, a car, part of a roof, and a rocking chair all tangled together:


Many barns were missing roofs or just gone all together:


Other piles, like this one from the edge of the mobile home park, were piled so high of tangled debris that it was hard to tell what was what:


The power companies have new poles ready:


And extra trucks for helping:


But everyone was almost holding their breath, still in shock and dazed, with one eye on the destruction and another eye on the storm clouds already gathering for later today:


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