#Hebrew to #English: 1 Nephi 1:1 (#LDS)

This is my first translation of a whole verse! It is from 1 Nephi 1:1.


First I copied the verse by hand, mostly because I have to practice writing in Hebrew. Then I went through word by word to identify the phrases and root words and connectors and articles and all those that I already knew (remember that it reads right to left):


Then I rewrote the direct transliterated phrases again, with a space between each line. Then I went line by line and re-ordered the words into English (Hebrew grammar is much closer to American Sign Language word order, or French or Spanish, than English):


Then I smoothed it out, and came out with this:

I Nephi, according to (what) (my) good-parents taught me (of) my father’s knowledge, I (experienced) life and all (that-happened) (to) me – (even) much grace (from) God – and (purposefully) knowing much (about) the mercy and mysteries (ordinances) of God… (that’s why) I make a record (of) my life-story (for) you.

Ha! Wowza! I know my efforts are still infantile, but at least I can play and learn! I loved how my verse came out!

Also, I learned something that was so powerful to me that I had to send a text essay to some family and friends:

I loved how the Hebrew phrase for “make a record” is same as English word “impression”. It reminds me of all things being both physical and temporal, as Nephi said. So this “make a record” that is an “impression” is both the physical act of carving the words into the plates, and the spiritual act of it being impressed on our hearts (becoming testimony when externalized). Heavenly Father “makes a record” in us (we become the plates!), and others then can “read” us as we testify through behaviors and interactions that reflect covenant-keeping!

(For reference, the Hebrew word is רושם.)

This was so much fun, even though I am still so slow. It was a great way to spend my lunch hour!

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