Jeremiah 36

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In this chapter, we see the work of Baruch again.  Jeremiah receives revelation (verse 1) to write his prophecies down (verse 2) so that the people of Judah will be held accountable for their sins and the consequences (verse 3).  Baruch helped Jeremiah write these as commanded (verse 4), and took them to the temple for Jeremiah (verse 5).

Jeremiah told Baruch to read the prophecies to all the people coming to the temple (verse 6), so that they will have a final chance to repent and stop their bad choices and evil deeds that are about to bring about such big consequences (verse 7).

Baruch did this, and read the prophecies to the people at the temple (verse 8).  All the people came to the temple (verse 9), and Baruch read them the prophecies from Jeremiah (verse 10).

One of the king’s men overheard Baruch reading Jeremiah’s words (verse 11) and went back to the king’s chambers where all the princes and leaders met (verse 12).  He told them about what Baruch had said from Jeremiah (verse 13), and so Baruch was summoned to court (verse 14).  Baruch was asked to read the prophecies to them, and so he did (verse 15).  This caused them all to be afraid, and warned Baruch they would tell the king what he was telling the people (verse 16).

They interviewed Baruch, so they would know what to tell the king, and asked him how he was able to write all these things (verse 17).  Baruch told them that Jeremiah said the prophecies and that he (Baruch) wrote them down (verse 18).  The men warned Baruch to go hide both himself and Jeremiah before the king found out (verse 19).

The men hid the writings of Baruch, and then went to tell the king what Jeremiah had said (verse 20).  The king demanded the writings, and it was brought to him and read to him (verse 21).  The scrolls were cut up (verses 22-23) and thrown into the fire without any of the leaders repenting (verse 24), though a few of the men begged the king not to burn the writings (verse 25).

The king then commanded that Jeremiah and Baruch be arrested, but the Lord hid them and they could not be found (verse 26).  The Lord told Jeremiah that the king had burned his writings (verse 27), and told him to write it all down again (verse 28).  The Lord had Jeremiah say to the king that the Lord knows the first writings were burnt (verse 29) and so he will lose the right to reign as king of Judah (verse 30).   Because the people have not listened to the Lord’s warnings, they will serve the consequences they have chosen (verse 31).  Jeremiah did as he was commanded, and Baruch helped him write these things again – as well as the added judgment pronounced upon the king (verse 32).

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