Jeremiah 33

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While Jeremiah is still in prison, he receives further revelation (verse 1) from the Lord (verse 2).  The Lord reminds him (and the people) that He does hear them when they pray, and that He can do “great and mighty things” (verse 3).

The Lord then tells Jeremiah what is going to happen to the cities of Judah (verse 4).  He shows how the people have refused to listen to Him, and so have chosen to fight the Chaldeans without His help and so will not win (verse 5).

But even after they lose, and are very nearly destroyed, even then He has the capacity to heal them and restore them (verse 7) and promises to “reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth” (verse 6).  He promises to cleanse them from sin and forgive them their transgressions (verse 8), so that they will be filled with joy and praise for all the goodness He has done (verse 9).

The Lord tells Jeremiah the destruction will be so severe that the land will be desolate of inhabitants, without even pets or flocks (verse 10).  The Lord will be the only one with the power to restore Israel, to have such mercy, to return the people to the land and accomplish these promises (verse 11).  The land will be desolate until He restores it so that shepherds will use it again as space for the flocks to graze (verse 12), and only then will the cities be rebuilt (verse 13).  This is the good thing He promises to the people of Israel: both temporal and spiritual restoration (verse 14).

This restoration only comes through Christ, the “Branch of righteousness”, and by Him the people will be righteous again (verse 15).  Only by Christ will the people of Israel receive both temporal and spiritual safety (verse 16).

The Lord reminds them that He promised they would govern themselves as long as they remained righteous (verse 17), and reminds them that they had access to the ordinances of the full gospel long as they kept their covenants and were obedient to Him (verse 18).

But He also reminds Jeremiah (verse 19) that the people have broken their covenants and lost access to the priesthood ordinances (verse 20).  But even still, He will keep His promise to reign  upon the throne of David, both as temporal and spiritual king with the priesthood ordinances restored (verse 21).  Only through the restored ordinances of the temple can the promises of Abraham be restored (verse 22).

The Lord said to Jeremiah (verse 23) that the people think He has rejected them (verse 24), but rebukes them and clarifies that it was the people who did not keep their covenants (verse 25).   When they begin to keep their covenants again, He will have mercy on them and keep His promises and restore their ordinances and their blessings (verse 26).

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