Jeremiah 19

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The Lord tells Jeremiah gather the elders and priests, those who should remember truth, along with a clay bottle (verse 1), and lead them to the valley by the east gate of Jerusalem (verse 2).  The Lord gives Jeremiah words to testify against them (verse 3) because the people have forsaken Him and the temple ordinances (verse 4).

The Lord tells the people He knows they have made places of worship into places to sacrifice even little children to false gods (verse 5).  Instead of making these places holy and keeping them sacred, the people have made them places of slaughter (verse 6).  Instead of raising their children in righteousness under the covenant and its ordinances, they have killed their own children literally through burnt offerings to false gods and spiritually by not teaching the covenant to those who have survived.

Because of this, they will reap the consequences they have chosen by their own behavior.  By rejecting the priesthood and its ordinances, they no longer have authority or power to counsel anyone (verse 7).  Since they have preyed on innocent children, they themselves will become prey.  There will be such destruction that even people hearing the story of the Jews will be astonished at all they have suffered (verse 8).  They will be so hungry that they will kill each other, even their own friends (verse 9).

The Lord tells Jeremiah to tell the elders and priests these things, and then to break the clay bottle he brought with them to the city gates (verse 10).  The Lord tells Jeremiah to say that just as the clay bottle has been broken and can never be the same, so will the people of Israel be broken and never the same again (verse 11).  This is what the Lord will do to Jerusalem if it is what the people choose by their iniquity (verse 12).  All that is not-of-God, all the perverted ordinances, and all the idol worship must be destroyed because it is destroying generations yet to come; the Lord must destroy what is not-of-God in order to restore what is of God and save later generations (verse 13).

This is what Jeremiah said to the elders and priests the way the Lord commanded him to do, right in the gates of the city in front of all the people as the Lord instructed him (verse 14).  He closed his talk with saying that this severe pronouncement has come against the people because they have become stubborn and proud and will not hear the words of the Lord (verse 15).

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