Laundry Day Happiness (#marriage)

Honeymoons are awesome, and everyone should go on them more often.

We are having so much fun!

There is a rhythm of adventure and exhaustion, vacation and normal, laughter and study.

We are so happy!

Today we are doing cozy normal things: taking out the trash, doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking together in the kitchen, and picking out movies to watch later. We are glad for a condo that gives a pretend semblance of real life, even if it is an illusion, after our entire courtship being states away and moments of holiday. Normal feels good and right to us, as it should be, a taste and preparation for what is coming.

It is a good life, even if we are still on vacation.

It is a lovely vacation, with slow mornings and late afternoons. The autumn is perfect for us, and we are loving every minute. Evenings are for coming up for air and sustenance, with yummy meals and sweet desserts and conversation beyond the bounds of time.

Clinically, they say nothing is more important to a couple than the three T’s: talk, time, and touch. These are our strengths, built carefully without taking them for granted while so often so many miles apart. Even now while we wait for our clothes to dry, and he checks emails and I write this, we sit close and cozy and it is good just to be together.

I watch him, this man who is my husband for five days now, and I cannot remember when he was not in my life. I cannot remember the struggle of waiting for him, the tears of praying for him, the hopes in dreaming of him. I do not understand how his tenderness softens me, or how his wisdom tempers me, or how we are so exactly right for each other when we lived so long apart. I only know it is true.

When he catches me watching him, he makes me laugh, and it turns into one delight after another, layering happiness and love until we are nested in together, tangled in a giant ball of sappy string.

Some girls have said to me to enjoy this, because it will not last. That feels too cynical for Emily World. Part of living is always riding the waves of seasons, and enduring the work to love and serve another. We are both lost in loving and serving the other, that everything is good and right for ourselves. There is nothing to resent, no poison to bury, nothing ugly in our way. There is no complaining of anything being wrong, and only devotion to what is good.

Normal still comes.

He is trying not to get a cold, and I am queasy with vertigo-ness.

And nothing is more normal than laundry day.

But laundry we can do together, something we don’t take for granted after so many years apart.

Even laundry day can be an adventure.

Even on laundry day the sunshine dances through the leaves.

Even on laundry day we share hearts and stories.

Even on laundry day we still hold hands.

It’s happiness.

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Laundry Day Happiness (#marriage) — 2 Comments

  1. It lasts! Not every moment of everyday of every year, but it lasts and continues on in quiet times, laughing times, and even times of struggle. There is never another “original” honeymoon, but those special moments of “just us” intimacy continue to be. Being tuned into them, and slowing down enough to live in them might be the trick – or more accurately, the gift.

    “Love wins. Love always wins.”