A Whole New World

Honeymoons make you sappy.

I have never ever been happier, more delighted, or more filled with love.

The Lord has done a good thing in matching us together.

This afternoon I sit in the glittering sunshine that seems brilliantly bright after the days of rain, with golden leaves dancing in the wind and breeze blowing through my hair. It is a beautiful autumn day, and we are resting.

Getting married is hard work! Even having everything ready to go, there are more left last minute details to pull off such a project. So many helped us, and we are so grateful!

The ceremony in the temple was incredible – powerful and special and unique to us. Coming out to the foyer to meet my mother was an amazing moment. My friends helping me into that giant dress and its yards of fabric was its own adventure, and then the look on Nathan’s face when I finally emerged was priceless – a feeling I will never forget.

We stepped out of the temple together, into a crowd of friends waiting to greeting us, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I was so full of love, feeling loved by so many and loving them so much. I was an amazing feeling.

After the adventures of picture-taking, our friends joined us for a brunch nearby, and what a celebration there was! Such happiness, and such excitement, and such anticipation despite the rain and storms. This, we feel, is as classic of us as the paper decorations that night at the reception… no matter the storms of life, we must do the work to love and be loved.

We escaped the brunch when there was a break in the rain, skipping dessert to head back to Tulsa and find our hotel for the night. We had enough time to get checked in and drop of our bags and curl up for a quick nap before the reception. Neither of us had more than three hours a sleep for several nights before, and we were exhausted! It was painful to wake up and drive to the reception, but then what joy we shared there! So many came, even with the storm, and we were able to share our story in our own way. Everyone was so good and kind, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely! It was such a blast! We had so much fun!

We are especially grateful for those who helped with food, serving, setting up, cleaning up, without whom there would be no party. We are also grateful to Roseanne and Rene, who packed us picnics on which we have survived these first four days! We went to the stake center for sacrament meeting Sunday morning, sneaking in and out best we could, and were glad to have food for the three hour drive to Missouri.

It is gorgeous here, beautiful days, a perfect autumn, cool and bright. We are so grateful for such a retreat, and it is a quiet and beautiful place for us to rest and play and begin the adventures of discovering each other and ourselves in this new world of being married. Everything has gone smoothly and wonderfully, and we are having a blast and so very happy.

Everything has been perfect.

We have kept our routines of personal study and prayer, because we want to be in the habit of it from the beginning. We have couples prayer in the morning and at night as we always have, but now we have couples study, too. I love it so much! We spent two hours just on the title page, and I knew I had the perfect husband for me!

Nathan is also teaching me the hymns!! Each night with our couples study, we sing a different hymn and study it together. I love this so much, and it is a great help to me and to my bionic ears. He was a genius (inspired) when he thought of that. I can also see and feel how there will be times in the future this will be healing and softening and comforting to us to sing together like this, and I am grateful already for the Spirit that will at-one us in those times.

Last night we had our first family home evening together, during which we shared our patriarchal blessings. It was so special, and powerful, and made everything sacred in new ways as we saw and understood how we were brought about, moved toward each other, and what we are called to do and who we were created to be. I am grateful for this direction, and the accountability that comes with it.

Nathan is the right choice for me, and I am happy. He is wise and good and kind. He is ever present, near me, holding my hand or holding me, always tender and soft. He melts me and warms me and makes me a better person somehow. He makes me laugh, and listens like what I share is important and means something. He delights me and strengthens me and encourages me and lifts my spirits, and I am loving life with him thus far.

We don’t talk about him going back to New York next week. I will miss him, and it makes me hungry for him even before he is gone. So instead, we stay in this present moment we share, focusing on learning to love and serve each other, appreciating every moment to its fullest. We are inseparable, knowing thirty-five years was absolutely worth the wait, and gaining glimpses into the love we have always shared, even long ago… and not wanting to take each other for granted.

I feel as different as I did after I was baptized, as if nothing has changed except everything has changed, like there is color in the world, as if I have been lifted somehow, as if I see things more clearly than before. I know me more than I knew myself before. I live in a different world than I did before, a whole new world.

We cling to each other, even on walks and when we eat, as we spill over with love that makes us laugh and cry all at once.

He is beautiful to me, even when he is just sleeping and I wake with words in my head that must be typed, recorded, kept sacred.

This is Nathan, who is my husband.

And I love him.

And we are so happy.


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