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I thought today would be hard to get through the work day so I could be with Nathan, but the busy time passed quickly and easily. I love my work, and am grateful for a job, and know it is a gift to enjoy what you do everyday.

But I did finally finish, and it was finally time to cross town to Nathan’s parents’ house.

It was easy to find, as if I have been there a thousand times already.

After sorting through props of hats and books (that’s another story for another day), I drove Nathan downtown to surprise him with the yarn installation. It was so fun! We walked along the street checking out the art and enjoying the day together.

After getting a bite to eat, where I very nearly ordered just a plate of fried pickles, we drove bak to Owasso for Nathan to meet my mom.

We pulled into the driveway, and Nathan politely stated, “Um, we forgot to stop at Sonic for your mom.”

That’s when I knew he would do just fine around here!

We backed up and drove to Sonic, and then came home again – with mom’s usual in hand.

Mom, of course, was delighted.

It was so good watching them get to know one another, to feel the love in the home, to experience the joy of doing it well, the peace of choosing wisely.

I am so glad my mother was here to share these sacred moments.

We had fun, giving Nathan the tour of the house and garden (and dogs). Nathan helped me clean the vegetables I picked from the garden, and then sat at the table chatting with my mom for ages. I stayed in the kitchen, watching and listening and trying not to cry. It was beautiful.

I felt so full of love for them both, so in awe of the miracle, so at peace with being at-one.

That is, until the game was on with the scrabble letters we keep on the table!

His parents joined us at my house for dinner, this being the first time they met my mom. Everyone was so good and kind and thoughtful and delightful, truly. I made gluten free noodles with a pesto sauce and pine nuts, and grilled chicken to go over it, with steamed broccoli and toasted hyssop and sesame bread. Everyone was so polite and kind, even when all I had to offer for dessert was the last of my easter candy from two years ago (which they all finished off quite nicely).

They kept chatting while I went to get ready for the ballroom dancing. In a tender mother-daughter moment, I called mom in to check on me. She gave me a thumbs up, and I gave her a hug. We shared secrets, and excitedly whispered about how much we love Nathan and his family. I was ready to cry, but then mom said, “your picture is crooked”. I laughed so hard, and promptly kicked her out of my room.

Way to keep it real, mom! She cracks me up.

But it’s moms like that who keep a girl’s head on her shoulders long enough to find out from what substance dreams are made.

I knew Nathan could dance because he told me he had taken classes previously.

But that man can seriously dance.

We got to Jon and Cassie’s ballroom studio (the place I learned to dance, and the couple who baptized me), and anything he didn’t know he let them teach him. He knew so much already, and picked up everything else really quickly! It was so much fun!

I watched how brave and social he could be, introducing himself to new people.

I watched how sweetly he spoke to and danced with the other ladies in the room.

I watched how respectful he was as he interacted with people.

I watched how he kept trying new things, how comfortable he was in his own skin even in such a setting as dancing.

I watched how he was willing to learn and how bold he was to ask for help on anything he didn’t know.

I watched how he did the work to practice what he learned, and how he was willing to come to me and try with me and learn with me.

I watched how he asked me to dance, and felt how he led me through the steps confidently but gently.

I watched as I smiled into him, as he looked at me. I felt what it was to be in his arms, safely and tenderly. I felt was it was to be in a relationship that is good and healthy and balanced, being led by someone who was participating and willing and let me follow without pushing me down, someone who was able to lead us forward.

He did not just lead us forward in couple-ness.

He took me flying around the floor.

I mean, he was really good and we are so well matched and it was amazing.


Besides being fun, he was also sweet, bringing me a little flower:


After ballroom dancing, we went for a walk for frozen custard, watching the water rise at the river:


It was between the custard and the river that Nathan signed his first sentence to me in sign language, without any prodding or pleading or prompting. After all the sappy dancing, I very nearly lost it when he did that, trying to drown myself in happy tears. It was so sweet and thoughtful, and it made me love him more.

It really was wonderful, another perfect day together, with good and wholesome activities, both of us home on time, and both of us so glad for a few days in the same time zone.

It was good, very good.

I am happy, and feeling loved, and enjoying every minute.

This really is the stuff of which dreams are made.

Excepting it’s better than even that.

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  1. Emily,
    I am so thrilled for you :) You deserve the largest blessings for being such a large blessing to others. WOW….I am so happy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1