Surprise for my Mommy

Our New Year’s started out fun, with me and my nieces meeting Jordan and friends for pizza and games. We had such fun! I stalled the girls on naptime, so they would sleep late and be able to make it to the big countdown. It totally worked! And I have never been so glad for a year to finish, so we worked hard practicing the countdown. They had a blast!

But I blame Jordan for touching the deceiving little baby, who, as it turns out, had the flu, so we all ended up so sick! Jessica, who loves babies and Jordan, especially was sick.

We didn’t know it at first. The big finale for the girls at my house after all these months was supposed to be the pillow fight, and it was awesome.

Then I let those little rugrats sleep in my bed with me, partly because I was trying to be nice on the last night, and partly because I was feeling sappy about sending them home – even though I knew it was good and right and past time.

So this was my sacrifice, I thought, to trade one night’s sleep for their forever memories of Aunt Emily. A few bruises from their kicking and rolling around in their sleep seemed a small price to pay for their sweet cuddles.

That was all well and good until about 2am, when the projectile vomiting started.

I will refrain from the details, but let me just say my sweet little Jess turned into some kind of body-fluid-expelling monster, with every symptom of the flu you can imagine… Repeatedly, again and again, all over my little yellow house.

That doesn’t even count what happened after I finally laid her down on a baby blanket next to the toilet about 6am.

We won’t discuss it.

Let’s just say it took me all day to do the laundry, wipe down walls, clean the bathtub, scrub the bathrooms, clean the carpets in my room and the living room, and and and… just gross.

We got Billie home first, because Jess couldn’t stop being sick (at one end or the other) long enough to make the drive home.

But by then, I was sick, too. So I couldn’t make the drive, either, and my mom had to do it, in the dark, all by herself. She is my hero. But I was so relieved when she got home safe!

Then today I kicked her out of the house for the week, sending her to Branson. She took Jess home (for realz) on the way, and is going to enjoy a nice vacation without having to take care of anybody. She earned it!

That means I have the house to myself for a few days, which is probably the best thing of all. After work I tackled the house, doing all the list of projects that have been on pause since moving mom in, being gone while dad died, and then caring for Jess this fall.

It helped that two weeks ago I deep cleaned everything in the house, from baseboards to ceiling fans!

I cleaned up the living room from my nieces taking over, and went through my room enough to gather sacks of trash and clothes to donate. Then I finished unpacking the food storage / exercise room (ironic, right?) that is always lowest on the priority list. It feels so good to get so much done! It is the nicest the house has been since April, and it feels so much better!

Now it is time to tackle mom’s room. The first thing I wanted to do was surprise mom as a thank you by moving her furniture around a little so that all her movies could be lifted up where she can get to them. She is healing so well from back surgery, but shouldn’t have to bend over any more than she has to, and she loves her amazing DVD collection. So I wanted it all up where she can get to it easily and without pain, and I wanted to finally connect her DVD player so she can watch her movies and tv shows that she loves. It was so hard to move her giant tv and the furniture, but I did it all by myself!

This is our tradition, since I was a little girl, to kick mom out for her own time as a treat, and do some project for her while she is gone. So it will be special to her besides just the DVDs being moved up for her. She will know it is a good memory as much as anything. It also reorganized and cleaned up her space, so I know she will love it! It will also make it easier for her to get around and get through her room, even though she doesn’t have to use the walker much around the house.

Then when the carpets are dry, I will disinfect the whole house.


Just in case.


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  1. Oh, I’m so sorry! We had that two weeks ago!! And boy-oh is it miserable. I’m glad you’re feeling better :)