Lost Somewhere Between Last Tuesday and Tomorrow

I lost me somewhere between last Tuesday and tomorrow morning.

I am working lots, feeling well, and playing hard.  It makes the day fly by!

This was my crazy week:

Monday:  Gym in the morning, Worked all day until 11pm (Mondays are always my longest days).

Tuesday: Ran in the morning, Worked all day, with Institute at night.

Wednesday: Gym in the morning, Worked all day, with Activity Days squeezed in.

Thursday:  Ran in the morning, Worked all day, with playtime at ballroom dancing.

Friday: Youth Conference!  This was so amazing, and I was so proud of the kids, and I really got to spend time with good friends.

Saturday: Graduated to Week Four of Podrunner, with 5 minute intervals for my 5k training, then a Temple trip and driving youth conference kids home.  Such good times with friends!

Sunday:  Church, Visiting Teaching, Meetings, Mission, Baptism, and Singles Fireside – which was followed by an ice cream social (awesome) and a flat tire (not awesome).

All my tires have now been replaced at least once, some twice, and one three times) since I went to Joplin.  What is that about?!   So not only did I get ANOTHER flat tire, but this was a different tire than the cranky one has been.  What is going on?!  I wonder if now it is because they are building a house across the street.  So frustrating!

This flat was really frustrating because I couldn’t get it to air up!  I was tired, it was late, and I was in a dress (again).  I kept airing it up, and it wouldn’t air up.  I was getting nervous for driving home from Tulsa, but then my friend showed up and figured out the air pump thing was broken (missing a piece).  So we went to another gas station, and got it aired up easily.

Excepting I nearly had an ethical meltdown, because that gas station did not have free air.

It cost a whole dollar.


But I was glad for the help, got home safely, and had no troubles today.

Excepting that today was Monday, so I only just now got home from work.  My eyes are crossed and my brain hurts and I have no problem solving skills left for tonight.  But it’s all good because I got to play on Google+ enough to learn how to use it, and I had a (very quick) dinner with my friend Kirsten.  She was patient and kind enough to visit with me in between powerpoint presentations, while we ate quickly enough that our sign language threw salad through the air.  I am sure of it.

At least I didn’t step on her toes.

It was good to see her, and I feel like it was a week full of friends.  I love it, and am so glad for them.  They teach me so much, they love me so well, and they encourage me while I try to find my way. Even when I lose me somewhere between last Tuesday and tomorrow.

She’s happy, with a new Content—
That feels to her—like Sacrament—
She’s busy—with an altered Care—
As just apprenticed to the Air—

She’s tearful—if she weep at all—
For blissful Causes—Most of all
That Heaven permit so meek as her—
To such a Fate—to Minister.

(Emily Dickinson)

In other news, in four months from today, my brother will be marrying my best friend from junior high.  I can’t tell you how hilarious and awesome this is.  Together they have six kids, and I love them so much.  They make an amazing family, and they inspire me in the process.  It makes me really sappy these days, since learning so much about family the last few years.  They are good examples to me.

My mother is finally feeling better, and I am glad of that.  She makes me laugh so much, and I am so glad she is here with me.  It is precious time together, very good company, fantabulous-oso memories, and a lot of love.  I do love her so much.

I am also feeling well and strong, happy and healthy and shiny.  I feel like I got to spend all weekend with friends I never get to see, even sharing a hotel room with Cheryl Mason for good girl time together.  With all that friend time, I feel strengthened and encouraged.  We laughed so much!  And we studied our scriptures and prayed together and learned so much!  It was great!

Now it has also been a productive week: work is good and busy, and I got my mission peeps set up on G+.

Oh, and it’s only Monday.

I’m not sure what happened to the weekend, because I think I lost me somewhere between last Tuesday and tomorrow!

But tomorrow hasn’t hit yet, so I am going to curl up with my favorite-book-of-the-day, and see what there is to learn.

Tomorrow morning is my 5k day, and outside playtime with kids at work – except that it is so very hot.

But that’s okay, because I can almost wear a ponytail again.


So, so close.

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