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Latter-day Saints know the Holy Spirit can inspire any person, not just “mormons”.  We know Heavenly Father loves ALL His children, and wants to help them get home to Him, and that the Holy Spirit teaches and guides “line up line”… for all people, not just “us”.

But within LDS beliefs, there is the belief that we receive revelation for ourselves only, other than leaders over us – such as a Bishop receiving revelation for our ward, the Stake President receiving revelation for our Stake, and the Prophet receiving revelation for the church as a whole.  But within what they teach us, it’s our own job to be worthy of revelation and develop our ability to respond to it and do what the Savior asks of us.

One of the exceptions to this, of course, is parents.  They can receive revelation for their children.

So part of the last two years, in our family being reunited and becoming so strong, is that I try really hard to pay attention to what counsel my mother gives.   I don’t mean it comes in some formal, stuffy way.  But it does come, and it comes in ways that are pure mom-ness, and in language she and I understand.  I still need to get better at it, of course, but I have been trying really hard to pay attention to her inspired counsel for me.  It’s part of my faith, part of honoring her for her role in my life, and part of how she can really serve me as my mother.  It is very, very good for me.  Especially after having been away so many years, I really appreciate what she has to say and what counsel she offers.

For example, she has really been helping me pay attention to how much I am doing, and how to slow down my pace, and pointing out signs of my exhaustion or doing too much, etc.  It has really helped keep me accountable, and been a gift to me that has resulted in being in bed on time, getting up on time, and saying “no” a lot more often.   This is good.

Today I had planned to work because it is the holiday, so any work I get done would be double pay.

I also planned to get up this morning at 6am.  I wanted to have my workout with mom, get to work, and work all day before driving to Oklahoma City.  That was my plan.

Except we went to bed early enough that I woke at 4am.  I spent some time writing my daily Book of Mormon chapter blogs to get them scheduled to pop up at 8am each day this week.   But then, by 6am, I was ready to sleep again.  So I went back to bed.

Mom came in to wake me as scheduled for our workout, but I went back to sleep!  I never do that!

So when I finally got up this morning, we talked about it how it was a sign (symptom) of how tired I have been, and how I need to slow down my pace, and probably shouldn’t even work today.  It would be better for me to just enjoy the holiday that it is.

I agreed, learning to submit my “stiffneck” in a nod, another moment of my stubborn-ness dissolving a tiny bit.

I said, “I am glad God is teaching me, and showing me the way, because I really do want to learn this lesson about rest and play.”

Mom said, “I know another sign that God wants you to stay home today and not work.”

Cue Music.

Having been thinking about how my mom gets inspiration to help guide me in the right direction, I knew to perk up and really pay attention.  It’s learning time.

I said, “What is another sign from God that I need to stay home today?”

Cue drumroll.

Mom said, “There is a Project Runway MARATHON allll dayyyyyy!!!!”

HA!  She seriously cracks me up!

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