Road Trip

We have a day of appointments in Tulsa, and I brought everyone so Nathan can finish the dust jacket design for our book!

Anber’s Birthday

Thanks to Nathan’s dad for putting together Anber’s birthday bike while we were meeting book deadlines!

And thanks to Nathan’s mom for Anber’s birthday pearls, the very accessory a girl needs to go with a new bike!

Tapping at Church

Kyrie has flung herself whole heartedly into toddlerhood, including no longer being able to accompany me to class anymore.  We try, for practice, but she doesn’t make it very long. She is advanced socially and intellectually, so she is extra curious and wanting to chat with everyone (despite speech problems due to the cleft palate).  We tried walking the halls, but she knocks on all the classroom doors and shouts hello.  She even busted in on first ward today, almost making it to the pulpit before I snatched her up.

We have finally resorted to the gym, when there isn’t a class on stage, for her to play and move and talk and sit and rest.

She sounds like a fancy lady in high heels tap dancing, with the clip clop of her braces on the wood floor.

We are visiting the nursery the last ten minutes, because she is fifteen months now, but it’s still too soon to take her there to play during second and third hours.

On the other hand, Jessica got to read scripture today since she is here for the summer anyway, and Alex and Barrett both got to give prayers.  It’s so good for them!

Mary went up a week early for her birthday song, just to help Anber go up for hers.  Everyone is growing up!

Shrinking Airway

Today we got this fun picture of Kyrie protecting her airway while we (very carefully) played outside today:

That’s what you get when you have a toddler who spent her infancy drowning.

I was surprised to catch such a good profile shot.

Do you see it?  Her chin and jaw that we worked so hard to pull forward last summer are not growing with her.  Her chin should be forward and even with her upper lip and forehead.  It is not. 

This may be another reason her breathing problems have been getting worse.  Blargh.