Date Treats

Nathan made me a surprise treat for date night: frozen bananas and currant juice (medicine required)! 

On one, he mixed natural (no sugar) peanut butter with honey on one, topping it with pistachio and chia seeds.

For the other, he mixed peanut butter and cocoa (no sugar) and topped it with coconut (unsweetened) and hemp seed.


Lego Police

We got our pre-chemo cleaning finished:

It did take us all day because of unpacking as well, but it feels good to have our house nice before this week hits.  We also have all our worker visits this week, so hopefully we can keep it decent enough for them.  The kids helped so much, with only our same boy having fits again like its the new cool thing to do.

It’s not, I assure you.

But we almost all had fun with these ting Lego toys given them:


Barrett just kept screaming, and all he had to do was be quiet and sit inhis chair.  I did make one for him, though, so theoretically he can play with it whenever he is done with the tantrum.


In the meantime, our kids are integrating their childhood memories by playing police, which is when the cops pick you up from the casino and take you to Utah for McDonald’s.

We never ate McDonald’s in Utah, I promise. 

Half of them were picked up at casinos, though, and the police did take all of them to McDonald’s.

Our dryer apparently has stopped working, so many thanks to the families who helped us dry our clothes tonight!

Housework, Homework

It took us all morning to unpack, disinfect bottles, clean, and disinfect children.  Laundry is still going, and we will put it all away at once.  The first graders practiced piano while the preschoolers played, and then did homeschool (reading, English, math, and music theory, because they had finished social studies and science yesterday) while the preschoolers slept. They worked so hard, and then got to play outside while the preschoolers did homeschool.  We are ready for playing after working so hard today!


Home Sweet Home

We arrived home around 8pm, which was just in time to put the baby and preschoolers to bed.

The first graders had a blast unloading the trailer, while I was made to sit down. This seemed silly since my energy and stamina really rebounded since that blessing.  On the other hand, I fell asleep in my lentils afterward so maybe they knew what they meant about me resting.

Nathan and I stayed up long enough to get the kitchen thinfs put away, make a quick supper of lentils and sweet potatoes, disinfect all the bottles and sippy cups that badly needed it, and be sure we had baby things ready for tomorrow.  The kids can wear their suitcases to unpack them this week, and the rest I will do as I can.  If we ever travel with a trailer again, I will pack us and organize is very differently, but it really made our trip easier so I am very grateful.

The kids went down easily since we got up so early, but we know Barrett will be up too early and get into everything not locked down.  DHS suggested a door alarm, but we don’t want to bother the older boys if they have to get up in the night for the bathroom.  Here was our booby trap solution, just to alert us for when he heads out:


 We can get a bed alarm later, when he gets a little heavier, but for now we use handbells lined up on the opposite side of the baby gate he is able to take down.  That way we know he’s up.  He isn’t in trouble for getting up, but we need to know he is up so he and the baby and our food are all safe.  He’s such a funny little guy, except for when he is mad!
We got our ear chargers plugged in, my medicine and the kids’ medicine found, and our toiletries out. My phone died sometime after our last rest stop, so it finally got plugged in to charge. We can sleep now, and unpack the house and scrub down the children tomorrow.

I am very glad to be home!

P.S.  My ponderizing verse for this week is Mosiah 3:19, since so many keep asking me. Also the divinity talk from General Conference.  Hope that helps!